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The Media Mothership team.


Host Dr Craig Norris, joined by a regular team of contributors, explores the media's role in shaping our perception of the world around us.
We'll explore big ideas through interviews and discussions with critical thinkers, content makers and fans of movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

Listen live to “Media Mothership” every Friday 4-5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) at Edge Radio and streaming on YouTube and Twitch.

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Profile photo of Dr Craig Norris.

Dr Craig Norris

I'm a media studies scholar who researches, writes and teaches about media audiences, industries and the social politics of popular culture. I graduated with a PhD from Western Sydney University and have taught at universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania.


My research focuses on media’s role in shaping our perception of the world, and how audiences participate, express and circulate their stories within todays changing media landscape. My recent publications include “Techno-Orientalism and Remixing Ukiyo-e through GIFs” in Exporting Japanese Aesthetics: Evolution from Tradition to Cool Japan (2020), “Shōjo Fantasies of Inhabiting Cool Japan: Reimagining Fukuoka Through Shōjo and Otome Ideals with Cosplay Tourism” in Shōjo Across Media Exploring Girl Practices in Contemporary Japan (2019), and “Studio Ghibli Media Tourism” in Introducing Japanese Popular Culture (2018).


Media Mothership: where no media is left unexamined.

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