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AI and the Art of Radio Drama: How Media Mothership Revived Sherlock Holmes.

The following was created by Media Mothership co-host Lord Taylor using 'The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' radio drama scripts from the 1940s and 50s. It was created by an AI program in Google CoLabs that was trained up on these scripts and instructed to generate radio drama scripts continuing these adventures.

Holmes & Watson. Generated by Bing Image Creator.

Sherlock Holmes and the Subsiding Scuffle

WATSON: I've searched and examined everywhere, but I still haven't found Santa Claus.

HOLMES: What about his hat, Watson?

WATSON: No I have not found his hat.

HOLMES: Come on Watson, we need his hat. If you rub it 5 times, your foot turns to stone and he appears under the table.

WATSON: You're a scoundrel Holmes, and a rat, a silly boy and a bell-ringing slippery pencil manager.

HOLMES: Please sit my dear goose.

WATSON: What? On this canoe?

HOLMES: Yes, thank you Mrs. Rush, I just want to ask you a couple of questions. Did you steal the diamond and ruby chicken?

WATSON: Holmes, of course not... do you want a biff on the nose?

HOLMES: No, I want to sing Good King Wenceslas.

WATSON: You mean Good King Wenthettle of the Octagonal Square?

HOLMES: No, I mean Mrs Crabapple of the Vinegar Police.

WATSON: Holmes, do you have the Christmas measles by chance?

HOLMES: Of course, how ever did you know?

WATSON: Well you've soiled your father's hand, broken your wife and have a French accent.

HOLMES: Well done my dear sir.


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