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Chapter 1: Screeching Pumpkins. An AI Created Harry Potter Fanfic.

Updated: May 23, 2023

The following was created with TensorFlow Text and Google Colab to generate text using a character-based RNN. TensorFlow and other libraries were used to download a dataset of Harry Potter books, process the text, build and train a model, and generate the new text below based on the model’s predictions.

Chapter 1: Screeching Pumpkins.

Harry, who was in a place, looked rather pale. The girls behind him shrieked as the dementors burnt a circle of pumpkins.

“Hi Harry,” said Hagrid, his bones full of scandalised pus, “what’s up?” Harry dug his wand out of the bag he was wearing and flew to the dormitory in an explosion of colour.

Inside, was a drowned chair, the dumbstruckle swung shut behind him and Ron looked bewildered.

“I knew you would be here,” Harry bellowed as Snape staggered up the stairs, his mouth blurry and full of gold coins. Harry picked up Hedwig’s cage and aged 10 minutes. Then the windows started to scream as Dumbledore fell from the top of the curtains, winced at the Slytherin in the room and kicked him into the corridor.

“Leave me alone,” said Snape.

Dumbledore bellowed and shot curses into the hall.

Harry laughed at his hands, wiped his ears on a passing scarf and threw a bottle of Furious Git Tonic to Ron who caught it with his knees.

“You’re still in my bedroom Dumbledore,” said Harry. Dumbledore crashed through the window and flew into the night, with the intention of finding Voldemort and killing as many other people as he could.

Harry straggled a laugh and practiced falling asleep.

“What’s the joke?” said Ron.

“Ireland,” shouted Mrs Norris.``

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