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Sound & Fury

Produced by Craig Norris, with co-host Taylor Lidstone.

Broadcast @ Edge Radio, Friday 9 June 2023 (Ep 37).

Also available on YouTube.

Join Dr Craig and Lord Taylor on Media Mothership, a podcast that explores how media shapes our understanding of the world. From horror games to anime films to Chinese Idol-singers, they cover the latest news and share their insights on media culture. Continuing our discussion of hooking listeners into radio and podcasting with compelling intros, and the power of story structures, make sure to listen in to our experimental audio pieces that will hook you in and thrill you. Don't miss this episode of Media Mothership!

speaker and monsters surrounded by fury.
The Sound And Fury Of This Episode

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There is nothing wrong with your radio.


Do not attempt to adjust the volume.


We are controlling the broadcast.


For the next hour, we will control all that you hear.

00:00:12 Speaker 1

You are about to experience the knowledge and insights of the media mothership.

00:00:18 DR CRAIG

Alright. Hey everybody.

00:00:19 DR CRAIG

Welcome to Edge Radio 99.3 FM. This is medium mothership with Doctor Craig joined as always by little Taylor. Hello, Taylor. Hello. How's it?

00:00:29 LORD TAYLOR

Going this week. Yeah, good.

00:00:31 DR CRAIG

Excellent, excellent. And as always, we are broadcasting over your FM band, your FM dial system.

00:00:41 LORD TAYLOR

Congratulations, everybody. Yes, so.

00:00:43 DR CRAIG

The 20th century technology there 99.3 FM, but we're also embracing the 21st century.

00:00:51 DR CRAIG

My streaming live on the Edge radio website.

00:00:56 DR CRAIG

It's ready to update you.

00:00:59 DR CRAIG

It's kind of a voice I do.

00:01:00 DR CRAIG

Know for that as well as YouTube and the Twitch.

00:01:04 DR CRAIG

The Twitch, the Twitch, and the great thing about doing YouTube and Twitch is that it also means you can chat to us via YouTube and Twitch, and I'll try to keep an eye on those chats. Or you can SMS.

00:01:18 DR CRAIG

Us in at 0 for 88811707 at any point in the show you can message in.

00:01:27 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah, any point.

00:01:28 DR CRAIG

And we will do our best to respond to it. Audience interaction style. Yeah, yeah.

00:01:35 DR CRAIG

On media mothership, we explore how media shapes our perception of reality.

00:01:44 LORD TAYLOR

That's just a fact that.

00:01:46 DR CRAIG

Is right. A few weeks ago my favourite point was saying how, you know, many people refer to their life sometimes like a movie, right? You see, you say.

00:01:57 DR CRAIG

Something like that. That gunshot didn't sound like the gunshot in a movie. Unlikely experience for most.

00:02:06 DR CRAIG

People, I think.

00:02:07 DR CRAIG

But nevertheless, you know that's the broad idea that, you know, in the movies they'll they'll have gunshots being these huge cannon sounds that explode. But in reality people say that's not the case.

00:02:18 DR CRAIG

So we kind of explored that idea of how media myths are made, and then we go ahead and make myths. We actually become part of the problem.

00:02:29 DR CRAIG

Perpetuate that. But we do it ironically or in a self aware fashion with references available on our YouTube site or website. Www.mediamothership.aupeople still do WWW. Or do they just say?

00:02:47 DR CRAIG

Media mothership dot AU.

00:02:49 LORD TAYLOR

I have no idea.

00:02:51 DR CRAIG

We will WWW because I love the alliteration of that.

00:02:57 LORD TAYLOR

Just HTTPS colon forward slash forward slash.

00:03:02 DR CRAIG

Always do HTTPS, never HTTP, because that's filthy. I mean, why would you even touch HTTP address? Always go SI always go this. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

00:03:13 LORD TAYLOR

Exactly. That's secure.

00:03:16 DR CRAIG

Alright, so today we're going to discuss.

00:03:18 DR CRAIG

As we always do, news.

00:03:21 DR CRAIG

And then we're going to discuss.

00:03:29 LORD TAYLOR

There's got to be something else, Craig.

00:03:33 DR CRAIG

I'm sorry. Then we're going to discuss.

00:03:36 DR CRAIG

Yeah, the tips.

00:03:38 DR CRAIG

And tricks we can learn from old time radio. Last week we explored tips and tricks for effectively creating radio introductions.

00:03:51 DR CRAIG

And at the end of that show, Taylor and I discussed how we were both going to set ourselves the competition to create a new little.

00:03:57 DR CRAIG

Intro piece of some.

00:03:58 LORD TAYLOR

For this show.

00:03:59 DR CRAIG

Fashion for this show, medium mothership. So I've done it and yeah, so keep listening as we'll hold off.

00:04:11 DR CRAIG

Playing that to.

00:04:13 DR CRAIG

I don't know. Halfway through. Yeah, the end.

00:04:16 DR CRAIG

So all that and more on medium Mothership Edge Radio, 99.3 FM.

00:04:26 DR CRAIG

How did you get that?

00:04:26 LORD TAYLOR

Sound because you gave it.

00:04:28 DR CRAIG

To me, right?

00:04:29 DR CRAIG

That's fantastic, Taylor. Well, Taylor's at the desk today, so he'll be doing the special effects and sound effects.

00:04:38 DR CRAIG

I'm getting paid for it. Ohh, that's the reference. Yes, because one of the most important.

00:04:44 DR CRAIG

Things about radio.

00:04:45 DR CRAIG

Is that it's an audio medium, which means we create.

00:04:49 DR CRAIG

Theatre of the mind.

00:04:52 DR CRAIG

That's perfect. So those sound effects hopefully are getting your, you know, auditory channels excited and painting a picture of what we're doing here. Yeah. So yeah. Thank you.

00:05:07 DR CRAIG

Taylor, no worries.

00:05:07 Speaker 4


00:05:09 DR CRAIG

All right, moving on now.

00:05:11 DR CRAIG

To the new segment, do we have a little?

00:05:14 DR CRAIG

New segment queue I.

00:05:15 DR CRAIG

Wonder something to play for the?

00:05:16 DR CRAIG

Do we have?

00:05:18 LORD TAYLOR

New segment I've got.

00:05:24 DR CRAIG

These levels are great.

00:05:25 DR CRAIG

That's good. What is that the sound of? For me? That is the sound of a doorbell.

00:05:31 DR CRAIG

Or maybe an elevator?

00:05:32 LORD TAYLOR

It's a call to attention in train station.

00:05:34 DR CRAIG

Ah, yeah. Yeah. Please. Your train arriving. Platform 2 bound for sorrel.

00:05:41 LORD TAYLOR

You could have said like Hobart, where the show is presented from.

00:05:46 DR CRAIG

Ohh yeah, train train now arriving at Hobart. Please step back from the platform, OK?

00:05:50 LORD TAYLOR

There we go.

00:05:56 DR CRAIG

I came across this news today. Yeah. Yeah. This news. So headline is horror legend John Carpenter is making a new video game.

00:06:06 DR CRAIG

Now I'm gonna break this down for you, Taylor. So, do you know horror legend John?

00:06:12 LORD TAYLOR

Carpenter. No. As I said before, I thought he was one of the.

00:06:16 LORD TAYLOR

Members of the carpenters.

00:06:17 DR CRAIG

The harpist, the famous 1970s duo.

00:06:20 DR CRAIG

Yeah. The carpenters. You know the why do birds? Yes. Yep. No.

00:06:30 DR CRAIG

No. John Carpenter, one of my all time favourite directors. The great stories around John Carpenter was how he would create the best movie at the wrong time.

00:06:43 DR CRAIG

So the story goes in the early 80s, the the famous story about the thing that he, the movie, the thing to remake of the Howard Hawks film based on the short story who goes there and basically it's set in the Antarctic with a group of survivors starring Kurt Russell coming across an alien.

00:07:03 DR CRAIG

Spacecraft and all manner of horrors.

00:07:06 DR CRAIG

Unleashed, I remember talking to someone when there was an Antarctic display thing going down here at Hobart on the Wharf and they asked them this rumour that I'd heard that a lot of the scientists before they go down to Antarctica or on the boat over, or maybe when they get there as part of the indoctrination they watched.

00:07:27 DR CRAIG

John carpenters, the thing which is considered one of the classics of science fiction paranoia, right? As you don't know who's infected and is the thing. Anyway, this film 82. I think it came out same time as E.

00:07:40 DR CRAIG

He unfortunately, it was such a divisive film because of the gory special effects that it led to a huge backlash against this film.

00:07:45 LORD TAYLOR


00:07:50 DR CRAIG

It was critically savaged. It failed to do well at the box office, but later on, through video cassette release became considered a cult classic and many people consider it.

00:08:00 DR CRAIG

One of the best films in the 80s.

00:08:03 DR CRAIG

Well, certainly within hard and certainly I totally agree. Fantastic if you've not seen it, you want a bit of paranoia as we're approaching winter.

00:08:11 DR CRAIG

Hazy. I love the idea that in Hobart, the what was it the as people coming into the collecting their baggage from the aeroplane there was that sign that dark move forward set up saying welcome to Hell. Yeah. So if you want to further be welcomed into Hell, watch the thing.

00:08:30 DR CRAIG

Anyway, so that's John compares favourite film, one of Joan.

00:08:33 DR CRAIG

Served as best known films, of course. He also did Halloween right? So the Proto Slasher film, right? So he did that right at the cusp at at at the at the slasher point. Many people, many people, many people point to it as one of the.

00:08:53 DR CRAIG

Proter, or original slasher?

00:08:55 LORD TAYLOR

Films who's the like the villain in?

00:08:58 DR CRAIG

Halloween, Michael Myers wearing yes. Yeah, ironically the same name as the comedian. Later on, Mike Myers, of course. And what's famous about his design?

00:09:10 DR CRAIG

For the Mike Myers slasher character in Halloween is that he wore a mask, which was a repurposed Captain Kirk mask from Star Trek.

00:09:21 DR CRAIG

Huh. So the production team went down, grabbed a mask that the killer had to wear, grabbed a Captain Kirk one and painted it.

00:09:32 DR CRAIG

And I think they they groomed the hair back a bit more anyway. So it's yeah, it's a weird kind of object cult objects.

00:09:41 DR CRAIG

So anyway, here Halloween, the thing tonnes of other films he did the star man which is, you know, a kind of a reasonably unrecognised science fiction.

00:09:52 DR CRAIG

Drama really worth watching Jeff Bridges.

00:09:57 DR CRAIG

Starman, starman. Yeah, yeah, 80s. It was his kind of like after he got Savage for doing what many people consider as as a, A, a too gory film with the thing he then course corrected and had star man, which is a very dramatic sci-fi film, full of drama. Fantastic, fantastic story.

00:10:21 DR CRAIG

But unfortunately, yeah, no one engaged with it either. Worth worth tracking down if you can. Uh, big trouble in little China.

00:10:29 DR CRAIG

With Kurt Russell.

00:10:30 DR CRAIG

When we were trying kind of schlock action films.

00:10:32 DR CRAIG

Anyway, yeah. So sadly he's a.

00:10:34 DR CRAIG

Bit of a Co.

00:10:34 DR CRAIG

Director unrecognised. He's very famous for his electric scores for his films, so the the kind of the Halloween kind of.

00:10:36 LORD TAYLOR

Had any of the.

00:10:47 LORD TAYLOR

That's a very pretty song correctly, OK.

00:10:51 DR CRAIG

Anyway, so one of the interesting things about John Carpenter is that he's on record for saying that he he.

00:10:58 DR CRAIG

He's enjoy. He enjoys video games, right?

00:11:03 DR CRAIG

Four out 76 Ratchet and Clank cause correction. I guess Assassin's Creed Valhalla, right? Which is quite the scene was pretty damn good.

00:11:16 DR CRAIG

So he he's been in his names, been attached.

00:11:20 DR CRAIG

To this this.

00:11:23 DR CRAIG

Horror game called Toxic Commanders and I got kind of excited thinking, OK, maybe maybe the John Carpenter name is being used to actually develop something from this, but looking at the trailer, it it doesn't appear so it looks like his name is attached to it, but it's pretty much a first person shooter looks boring.

00:11:45 DR CRAIG

It looks like to be just another first person shooter when you're mowing downs, I'll.

00:11:49 DR CRAIG

Play a bit of a.

00:11:49 DR CRAIG

Clip Theatre of the Mind style.

00:11:52 DR CRAIG

The setup here is.

00:11:53 DR CRAIG

That you're in a car with your toxic commander.

00:11:59 DR CRAIG

Driving along a road and zombies start appearing all right, so that's.

00:12:03 DR CRAIG

Visuals, but see if you can imagine it from.

00:12:05 DR CRAIG

From these sounds OK.

00:12:19 Speaker 1

Angel for miles.


We got to be ready.


Nobody half ***** at this time.

00:12:29 DR CRAIG

I mean, all that voice direction seems really cliched. Yeah, me just doing kind of like you're an 80s action hero. Good.

00:12:41 DR CRAIG

Let's get going.


On my mark.

00:12:54 Speaker 5


00:12:57 Speaker 6

There's nowhere to run.

00:13:07 DR CRAIG

It's kind of cute that they do a karaoke version of that song as it cuts right? What happens is they drive over us a zombie.

00:13:14 DR CRAIG

And they cut to black and they're singing the karaoke in the black.

00:13:20 DR CRAIG

Cute, but yeah, look.

00:13:21 DR CRAIG

I I don't know.

00:13:23 DR CRAIG

I don't know. It didn't grab me in terms of having any, any strong narrative. So we'll we'll wait and see. It's always interesting to me when.

00:13:32 DR CRAIG

And creative talent move media. So John Carpenter is best known for his movies. He's also since retiring from movies, developed a A A career as a musician. So he performs a lot of his music now.

00:13:48 DR CRAIG

And it appears it's been attached. I'm gonna use the word attached because for me, at this point, you know.


Alright, so I was.

00:13:57 LORD TAYLOR

I was watching the sort of like the trailers was going along as you were playing it and it doesn't look that good. No like visually.

00:14:06 LORD TAYLOR

It should be better in this day.

00:14:08 LORD TAYLOR

And age well.

00:14:09 DR CRAIG

Did you hear about the the bomb? That is the smeagol video game.

00:14:15 DR CRAIG

Yes, right. I was watching a clip about it yesterday just addressing the phenomena of apology videos that video game designers are doing these days that.

00:14:24 LORD TAYLOR

It was grovelling.

00:14:25 DR CRAIG

Yeah. Yeah, I saw people. I don't know. This was a game. From what I remember that was meant.

00:14:30 DR CRAIG

To release 2.

00:14:30 DR CRAIG

Years ago, it was delayed for reason.

00:14:34 DR CRAIG

And now it's finally released, but it's pretty much been panned critically and.

00:14:40 LORD TAYLOR

Terrible gameplay, terrible graphics.

00:14:42 DR CRAIG

Yeah. And so they've they've written this apology. And of course, yeah, it's been chewed up as a meme as well in terms of how, you know, kind of kind of silly, the imagery is of the game.

00:15:00 DR CRAIG

So, uh, yeah, yeah, it is interesting when you're confronted with games which don't really leap out and grab you.

00:15:09 LORD TAYLOR

The other most prominent video game apology that I can think of is for cyberpunk.

00:15:17 DR CRAIG

Yeah. And that that's you know and again the YouTube I was watching was saying look, do we really need these?

00:15:22 DR CRAIG

Apology videos they.

00:15:24 DR CRAIG

Really need it. I mean just.

00:15:26 DR CRAIG

Yeah. OK. So it got released.

00:15:29 DR CRAIG

And I think I think the thing that the video was watching made a good point about was that at least I think to in today's space where consumers are a little bit more aware of the pressures that games developers have.

00:15:41 DR CRAIG

So there's at least a kind of, often a kind of expectation that, OK, this game has.

00:15:47 DR CRAIG

A lot of bugs.

00:15:49 DR CRAIG

And yes, there's an apology. But those bugs were caused because it got released too early, right? And and why did that happen? And so again, there seems to be more.

00:15:56 LORD TAYLOR

But again, why is it necessary? Because I remember when PS1, yeah, PS1, PS2.

00:16:02 LORD TAYLOR

Them out played hundreds and hundreds of really bad games.

00:16:06 DR CRAIG

Yeah, I I mean and and it's interesting in terms of how sustainable that is because notoriously people point to the example of the collapse of Atari in that first generation of video games. So you had Atari and.

00:16:22 DR CRAIG

This is pre Nintendo, right? So it was mainly a video game market dominated by US video game companies. They were talking early 80s.

00:16:31 DR CRAIG

So we had a Tyree from Europe we had in television and you had the the kind of emergent Mac and PC space, or Amiga, really, you had Amiga, IBM, and then later Mac. And the thing about that is people point to ET as a game.

00:16:50 DR CRAIG

That killed Atari, right? It didn't kill Atari. It was a symptom. It was probably the the biggest example of failure during a decline that Atari itself, because there's a great documentary I watched called the I feel like it was the archaeology of ET. Here's the story.

00:17:09 DR CRAIG

ET et released that Christmas 82, I think, and the movie and the video game tie in was rushed through development to get the Christmas market. And so it was rushed to development. It wasn't play tested and.

00:17:29 DR CRAIG

It was a busted game.

00:17:30 DR CRAIG

It rushed through, got sold in Christmas.

00:17:33 DR CRAIG

People hated it so much because it was so broken that they returned it and didn't buy it. And word of mouth destroyed it, meaning that all these shops had over invested because ET was hugely popular pre purchased tonnes of et never sold them. The story goes that they end up going.

00:17:53 DR CRAIG

Taking to this tip in San Diego or somewhere.

00:17:57 DR CRAIG

In Nevada and yeah, this documentary a few years back went back to do an archaeological dig through this.

00:18:05 DR CRAIG

To see what they could find from this legend that you know, allegedly thousands and thousands of copies of ET cartridges were buried there.

00:18:12 DR CRAIG

And it's a fascinating documentary because it's almost like, you know, this Jurassic Park thing where they're going through.

00:18:17 DR CRAIG

The layers of.

00:18:18 DR CRAIG

Decades and say ohh we've hit this Barbie.

00:18:20 DR CRAIG

And if you look at the head of it, this is.

00:18:22 DR CRAIG

A like late.

00:18:23 DR CRAIG

80s Barbie. Still, we think we're close to this.

00:18:26 DR CRAIG

It is strata.

00:18:28 DR CRAIG

And they do find they do find some ET cartridges, right? But the idea is, yeah. Yeah. So the there there is precedence of of kind of and basically the the thing that doomed the Atari space was the idea that you had a lot of what's called shovel wear. Right. So just software which is being shovelled literally not literally.

00:18:48 DR CRAIG

Created that was ill conceived, poorly plea tested just to cash in and and very expensive to buy right the the actual games consoles at that point were incredibly expensive. The game cartridges are.

00:19:01 DR CRAIG

And yeah, eventually that kind of. So I don't think we're in that same space now, but it is interesting these apology videos and and again, you could use theory like maybe a moral economy that's happening here.

00:19:14 DR CRAIG

So you've got a commercial economy with the cost of these gains and the kind of sense of my guy. I spent all this money and.

00:19:21 DR CRAIG

Wasted and that backlash is a kind of moral one, right? Where the fan or consumer might feel like they've been exploited, taken advantage of.

00:19:33 DR CRAIG

The goodwill has.

00:19:34 DR CRAIG

Been exploited and then that triggers an apology.

00:19:41 DR CRAIG

Right as a way to hopefully negate that moral backlash. I don't know if it is needed or not. You.

00:19:49 DR CRAIG

Know in in a way.

00:19:51 DR CRAIG

It might be to drive up sales as well. The apology video might be OK, this product sucks, but we do an apology video to get some media traction.

00:20:02 DR CRAIG

Yeah, right. So it could be.

00:20:03 DR CRAIG

Actually an ironic or a kind of intentional Mia Cooper, we've screwed up.

00:20:11 DR CRAIG

Just to keep some traction going because there will be some people that will buy it because they'll think this is so bad, I've got to play it and if there are memes around it like Mobius or something, I I want to, I want to do this ironically.

00:20:27 LORD TAYLOR

Which is interesting because it's like with Skyrim, there's no apology video for that, but it's one of the most bugged games ever.

00:20:35 DR CRAIG

Yeah, look at that Skyrim. Yeah, while.

00:20:37 DR CRAIG

It was bugged. I think it was.

00:20:41 LORD TAYLOR

Fun. Yeah, definitely.

00:20:42 DR CRAIG

Right. And and it and it it I.

00:20:44 DR CRAIG

Wouldn't say it was a, a, a game that's so bad.

00:20:48 DR CRAIG

It's good in terms of it.

00:20:50 DR CRAIG

Was good, but yeah, there there are bugs but.

00:20:51 LORD TAYLOR

I'm sorry because yeah, the problem with Cyberpunk and that was that it was literally unplayable.

00:20:56 DR CRAIG

Yeah, yes, yeah.

00:20:58 DR CRAIG

But yeah, I like the narrative run that wants that development crunch and trying to get it through the door and you're same thing with.

00:21:05 DR CRAIG

The No Man's Sky. Oh yeah.

00:21:08 DR CRAIG

Right, which had this?

00:21:10 DR CRAIG

A huge pitch that it was going to be procedurally generated open world space exploration game and the initial release didn't match that expectation enough.

00:21:22 DR CRAIG

It's it's eventually through various patches. Now it's one.

00:21:24 LORD TAYLOR

Of the best games ever, yeah.

00:21:25 DR CRAIG

Yeah, but yeah.

00:21:27 DR CRAIG

Has it burnt its goodwill?

00:21:30 DR CRAIG

Hmm too much?

00:21:32 LORD TAYLOR

I think the thing with No man's guy is that it became so good that the people that were disappointed with it were.

00:21:40 LORD TAYLOR

Sort of like it doesn't actually matter because it is such a.

00:21:42 DR CRAIG

Good game now. Yeah. I look at I I.

00:21:45 DR CRAIG

I picked it up last Dean scale because of that, because I looked at some recent reviews and people were saying, you know, look, don't worry about the early criticism.

00:21:54 DR CRAIG

It's been addressed really worth playing. Yeah, because I picked up the and I I've been told that with the.

00:22:00 DR CRAIG

Recently. Good one. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Yeah. Any other video game advice taking?

00:22:06 LORD TAYLOR

This what's your least favourite video game?

00:22:13 LORD TAYLOR

That you've ever played.

00:22:17 DR CRAIG

Ah, yeah. What's a game? I mean, for me, a game.

00:22:24 DR CRAIG

When it's either too complicated, right? So it's just like this is too much of an effort to learn the mechanics of or it's. Yeah, so it's too complicated or it's.

00:22:44 DR CRAIG

It's kind of boring, right? It doesn't seem to be doing anything, so I'm I'm kind of thinking maybe what.

00:22:51 DR CRAIG

Yeah, there's, there's.

00:22:54 DR CRAIG

I mean, I mean, it's not a bad game, it's a game.

00:22:57 DR CRAIG

That that I.

00:22:58 DR CRAIG

Was one of.

00:22:59 DR CRAIG

The the driving games and I was doing quite well at.

00:23:03 DR CRAIG

And I thought actually I'm doing so well now that I'm gonna stop playing it, cause I don't think I.

00:23:08 DR CRAIG

Can keep doing well.

00:23:10 DR CRAIG

This is a weird kind of.

00:23:11 DR CRAIG

Psych out moment of thinking.

00:23:13 DR CRAIG

Wow, I've done three races really well, and then there's I can't.

00:23:19 DR CRAIG

Deal with the pressure.

00:23:22 DR CRAIG

And that was, yeah, that was, that was, I guess, one of the difficulties I have is like when you've played a game like I've, I've, I've got a game that I've played, maybe the quarter, the way through Sleeping Dogs, right, it's set in Hong Kong.

00:23:34 Speaker 5

Ohh yeah yeah.

00:23:35 DR CRAIG

And I got really frustrated with that because you know, the fight moves are tough, right? You've got a there's various combinations.

00:23:42 DR CRAIG

You've got to get down and and you know, sometimes you have to replay again and again and again the same level because you keep getting killed anyway.

00:23:51 DR CRAIG

So I was getting through it and then I took a break for two or three months and I think I want to get back into that.

00:23:56 DR CRAIG

But now I'm like, I'm beyond quarter way through. I I don't want to relearn this damn game again, right. I've forgotten the muscle memory.

00:24:02 DR CRAIG

Of it, and I think that that can be a problem with the games a little bit too challenging or too challenging, but you get into the zone, you're doing it, but then it's like, you know, I remember the challenge of that and I don't.

00:24:15 DR CRAIG

Yeah. It's like, yeah. But I have also played the Yakuza.

00:24:18 DR CRAIG

Game. Oh yeah, and I.

00:24:19 DR CRAIG

Thought because that one offers you difficulty levels.

00:24:23 DR CRAIG

Or at least.

00:24:23 DR CRAIG

The I think the 1st.

00:24:25 DR CRAIG

You do. You can play it on easy mode, which basically means you're just you're just doing the the cutscenes.

00:24:33 DR CRAIG

And then you have an encounter, but you just you just press the button. Are you pressing any?

00:24:39 DR CRAIG

Button, you're you're.

00:24:40 DR CRAIG

Unkillable, and that's so dissatisfying, right?

00:24:44 DR CRAIG

In terms of like, you're basically because I wanted to get the story down and and The thing is that you quickly realise that when you're not.

00:24:52 DR CRAIG

In that zone.

00:24:53 DR CRAIG

Of carefully calibrated challenge to satisfaction ratio or, yeah, skill to challenge ratio. So if the challenge is really low and the skill is really low.

00:25:06 DR CRAIG

It's just boring. Yeah. Watch. So, yeah, I it's it's a tough one with video games because again, you know, you have to participate in them to get that story moving.

00:25:16 DR CRAIG

And I wanted to just get the story through, get through the.

00:25:19 DR CRAIG

Story because I got.

00:25:19 DR CRAIG

Stuck on too many bloody levels.

00:25:21 DR CRAIG

And I just want to get to the next part of the story.

00:25:23 DR CRAIG

Please so I put it on easy level.

00:25:27 DR CRAIG

Then it got really boring. I just didn't bother anymore and it's like, OK, well, yeah, I did the karaoke thing.

00:25:32 DR CRAIG

And what about you? What's once again you just like?

00:25:36 LORD TAYLOR

Probably the worst game I've ever played is Wally for Wii.

00:25:43 DR CRAIG

Right. This was again, they say that one of the worst games are usually movie tie INS. So this was the tie in with the movie WALL-E.

00:25:50 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah, 100% completed it in an hour and a half.

00:25:55 DR CRAIG

Was it an expensive game to play?

00:25:56 DR CRAIG

What was the?

00:25:57 LORD TAYLOR

Oh, you was expensive.

00:25:58 DR CRAIG

Yeah, right. And what was the thing that you didn't like?

00:26:00 DR CRAIG

About it that it was very short.

00:26:03 DR CRAIG

And it wasn't.

00:26:04 Speaker 5

You know the house? Yeah.

00:26:04 DR CRAIG

Challenging. Do you reckon you were playing a children like it was a game?

00:26:07 DR CRAIG

At preschool? No, no.

00:26:09 DR CRAIG

It sounds like like. Yeah, I'm.

00:26:11 DR CRAIG

Dominating it's Max, but I'm smashing it.

00:26:16 LORD TAYLOR

Right. And it was when I was like 14.

00:26:18 LORD TAYLOR

Anyway, so yeah.

00:26:19 DR CRAIG


00:26:20 DR CRAIG

Right. So did you look online what?

00:26:23 DR CRAIG

Was the critical reaction to Wally.

00:26:25 LORD TAYLOR

I haven't looked at it, no.

00:26:26 DR CRAIG

Sometimes I want positive reinforcement from my peers by looking online to.

00:26:31 DR CRAIG

Relish the heat.

00:26:32 DR CRAIG

That I've also experienced for a for a title.

00:26:35 DR CRAIG

Well, you you're not, you're not.

00:26:36 LORD TAYLOR

One of those people? No, and not at that.

00:26:38 LORD TAYLOR

Time, either when you're 14, yeah.

00:26:39 DR CRAIG

I I look I mean.

00:26:41 DR CRAIG

I I mean video movie tie in games really interest me. I I I do. Offhand I Don.

00:26:51 DR CRAIG

I have I make lists of everything but but I have found some great movie time games. The one that I found actually most enjoyable for a weird reason was Scarface, the movie Scarface. So the movie of course with Al Pacino.

00:27:11 DR CRAIG

One of his famous early roles, he is a Cuban.

00:27:17 DR CRAIG

Exile refugee in Miami and in Miami, and he's setting himself up as like rags to riches drug guy, right?

00:27:28 DR CRAIG

So starts at the bottom and works his way up this very it's a brain Depalma film, right? So he worked his way up. There's really violence, crime.

00:27:37 DR CRAIG

Film right. And gets to the apex and all these, you know, there's the funny scenes. Everyone quotes where he goes, you know, say hello to my little friend and he's got the huge kind of machine gun.

00:27:50 DR CRAIG

Grenade launcher gun. So what's the out? And and everyone is at the end. It's not small. It's such an old film.

00:27:56 DR CRAIG

He dies right?

00:27:57 DR CRAIG

He gets killed and the game picks up just at that end scene and you play Tony Montana surviving it. And what I love.

00:28:10 DR CRAIG

About that game is that there's actually a bit of narrative continuity in terms of it picks up the storyline, so it's not trying to do, you know, this is just Tony Montana's cousin that you're now playing.

00:28:24 DR CRAIG

So it picks up the story straight at the end, but then it also has some of the UM it kind of gamifies some of the actual DNA of the movie, which is you have this kind of, you have this metre.

00:28:36 DR CRAIG

So you have a health metre, of course, but then you have this.

00:28:38 DR CRAIG

Other metre called your your balls.

00:28:41 DR CRAIG

Which is your phones, right? Your actual?

00:28:46 DR CRAIG

Male balls, which is the index of your your kind of aggro level, your insanity level, and you can raise those ball levels up. So then you can perform particular crazy actions with memorable 1 liners.

00:29:03 DR CRAIG

Like I don't know.

00:29:05 DR CRAIG

That was a funny integration of this movies known for this character name Montana. There's a lot of cocaine and kills people and says funny one liners like hello to my little friend. And then in the game they try to integrate.

00:29:19 DR CRAIG

Is that it's an exciting.

00:29:20 LORD TAYLOR

Hook for you. Yeah, I guess.


OK, well, let's do.

00:29:26 DR CRAIG

A little sting to our next news.

00:29:31 DR CRAIG

Wow. Yeah, feels like we're doing a.

00:29:37 DR CRAIG

Picture book and thing.

00:29:38 DR CRAIG

Yeah, given the gore and violence we're talking about, it's a nice contrast. This is really interesting. I picked up from Gizmondo talking about a documentary that's just hitting the festivals at the moment, so I'm keen for it when it comes to the streaming services called enter, the clones of Bruce. And I never realise this, but there's this.

00:29:41 LORD TAYLOR

That is what I was trying to yeah.

00:29:59 DR CRAIG

Bizarre moment in film history. Just after the death of Bruce Lee, right. It's Bruce Lee, famous for doing martial arts films and is considered kind of one of the iconic.

00:30:12 DR CRAIG

Actors in the 70s, before his untimely death and many people say he died at this kind of EPIX just as he was about to break huge into the US market.

00:30:24 DR CRAIG

And what this documentary is looking at, it seems, is the cashing in on the Bruce Lee iconography that was at its height at that point.

00:30:35 DR CRAIG

But did not have Bruce Lee anymore. And so it turns out that there was this whole mini industry that set itself up with actors that looked like Bruce Lee and were cast in roles called Bruce.

00:30:49 DR CRAIG

Something either Bruce Lee spelled LE or Li right so they were kind of cashing in on the iconography.

00:31:01 DR CRAIG

And the popularisation.

00:31:02 DR CRAIG

Of Bruce Lee and they were doing Kung Fu movies and it was this huge boom industry continuing this kind of, you know, the.

00:31:09 DR CRAIG

They felt, briefly, that lasted for a a short period, but was enormously profitable, so I'm really keen to have a look at that that kind of like there's a whole series of films that are so bad they're good from this.

00:31:22 DR CRAIG

Era. The guy that's done it this documentary David Gregory also did lost soul the doomed journey of Richard Stanley's island of Doctor Moreau. I don't know if you've seen that film. It's a classic 1 Marlon Brando.

00:31:40 DR CRAIG

It's one of his last rolls. Uh, yeah, it's considered this real train wreck of a film.

00:31:46 DR CRAIG

So yeah, yeah.

00:31:47 LORD TAYLOR

Are you are you?

00:31:48 DR CRAIG

Into Bruce Lee, you have watch any Kung Fu films.

00:31:51 LORD TAYLOR

I don't mind it, I really don't mind it in sort of like modern films either. So, like, what's that the legend of?

00:32:02 DR CRAIG

Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon? No. No marvel. Ohh yeah.

00:32:11 DR CRAIG

Yeah, I saw the cinema. I liked it at the time. You know, I think the third act fell apart because it just had to be a CG action film. But I love the return of Ohh.

00:32:22 DR CRAIG

You know the Mandarin character? Yeah. Sir Ben Kingsley playing a kind of comedic lampooning. Shakespearean actor. You know, sea level D level Shakespeare. Anyway, worth checking out for that.

00:32:41 LORD TAYLOR

In terms of older sort of Kung Fu movies, have you ever seen shell in soccer?

00:32:47 DR CRAIG

Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't say. Yeah. I mean that, that's that's that's 90s, right? Yeah, yeah.

00:32:55 DR CRAIG

Yeah, that. And that's that's very much that hybrid kind of bend it like Beckham film is getting very popular and and also yeah Kung Fu films.

00:33:06 DR CRAIG

Yeah, it's. I mean, even talking about video games, Sleeping Dog sleeping.

00:33:11 DR CRAIG

Sleeping dogs. Dogs.

00:33:13 DR CRAIG

Didn't seem like the title.

00:33:15 DR CRAIG

Is, is is said in that, well, yeah, of of Hong Kong leader than those Bruce Lee films but it's.

00:33:22 DR CRAIG

Very much of that.

00:33:24 DR CRAIG

Kind of John Woo skate that.

00:33:28 DR CRAIG

Followed up with Jackie Chan popularity.

00:33:30 LORD TAYLOR

And so forth, yeah.

00:33:32 DR CRAIG

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the the more I think.

00:33:35 DR CRAIG

About it, we we we could.

00:33:36 DR CRAIG

Do a future episode.

00:33:38 DR CRAIG

We'll uncover hobarts.

00:33:41 DR CRAIG

Kung Fu. You know cults, space. I'm sure it's there somewhere.

00:33:47 DR CRAIG

Let's go to our next article.

00:33:49 DR CRAIG


00:33:55 DR CRAIG

It's kind of good. One cause. Yeah, this is a Hayao Miyazaki, the famous film director Sue Jubilee. He's going to release the high.

00:34:03 DR CRAIG

Like he's next film. He's out of retirement now it seems, but they were doing it with no trailers and no promotions.

00:34:10 DR CRAIG

Have you heard anything about this new project, this new film? That Miyazaki?

00:34:14 LORD TAYLOR

Is. Yeah, it's it's called. How do you live?

00:34:17 LORD TAYLOR

And it's a it's based on a book. It's on quite a famous book, I think, but I don't. I don't want to know about the story because I want.

00:34:25 LORD TAYLOR

It to be surprised.

00:34:26 DR CRAIG

So OK well.

00:34:26 DR CRAIG

We'll keep it at that level then. Well, that's very interesting because.

00:34:29 DR CRAIG

Yeah, it seems like there's zero.

00:34:31 DR CRAIG

So is there a deliberate marketing or there's not zero? But compared to the typical marketing you'd see this is really scaled back.

00:34:40 DR CRAIG

So it is intriguing. Obviously, Miyazaki is such a huge name with the popularity of, you know, people considering him Japans, Disney and so forth that he's.

00:34:52 DR CRAIG

Anime Shoe Jubilee as well. They're they're their animes considered. You know the material to have as an entry point into Japanese animation.

00:35:02 DR CRAIG

So yeah, look, I mean that alone will mean that.

00:35:04 DR CRAIG

This will still.

00:35:05 DR CRAIG

Do well, you know, it's not going to be a kind of forgotten piece of what?

00:35:09 LORD TAYLOR

Although that said, they kind of destroyed their reputation a little bit with their previous release.

00:35:16 DR CRAIG

What was that? That was the witch. OK. Yeah. Well, there we go. I I let that one just pass by.

00:35:24 DR CRAIG

You watched it?

00:35:25 DR CRAIG

Yeah. So not a cup of tea.

00:35:26 LORD TAYLOR

Oh, that's one of the worst things.

00:35:27 LORD TAYLOR

I've ever seen.

00:35:29 DR CRAIG

See, I feel the same about Muzaka's sons piece that that tales.

00:35:33 LORD TAYLOR

Of earth see.

00:35:34 DR CRAIG

Considering it, I'm not. I'm not. I've not read the original Canon of work. It's.

00:35:40 DR CRAIG

Based on, but yeah, I mean coming into it from the.

00:35:43 LORD TAYLOR

Anime it it? Yeah it was.

00:35:45 DR CRAIG

A bit dry. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I.

00:35:50 DR CRAIG

Yeah, I wouldn't go out of my way. I mean, I.

00:35:51 DR CRAIG

Don't think I'm.

00:35:52 DR CRAIG

I'm. I'm really the core audience and he's.

00:35:54 DR CRAIG

Like he's material, or at least I haven't found.

00:35:58 DR CRAIG

He's he's much recent work that's spoken to me compared to, you know, I love Nausica and.

00:36:00 LORD TAYLOR

No, it's not.

00:36:04 DR CRAIG

Well, yeah, yeah, yeah. I I I mean I.

00:36:07 DR CRAIG

Love that noscopes that post apocalyptic space, the design elements of.

00:36:11 DR CRAIG

But even you know the you know, the late 90s, early 2000s. I loved the castle Cagliostro Lupan film that he did. One of the rare.

00:36:25 DR CRAIG

You know, not his properties, that he then worked on. Yeah, quite a great, quite a great anime, hmm.

00:36:34 LORD TAYLOR

I have high hopes of this, though, because they've gone out of the weird CG space that they were going into sort of like 8th grader level CG and going back into the.

00:36:45 LORD TAYLOR

The drawn right. So yeah, I hold high hopes.

00:36:50 DR CRAIG

Well, it won't be promoted, so it will still do very well. I think will be curiosity very well. Just briefly want to mention.

00:37:01 DR CRAIG

There's one article in the conversation called how Chinese Supermans became a force of nationalist activism in the name of their.

00:37:10 DR CRAIG

Ideals and this interests me because I know in the next hour Taylor and I or Taylor does the KPOP show and I tag along to learn about KPOP. So this is the Chinese idol industry and their fans.

00:37:26 DR CRAIG

And what particularly drew me in to this piece based on some really interesting research, it seems these guys are doing is their argument that.

00:37:35 DR CRAIG

UM, the Chinese?

00:37:38 DR CRAIG

Key part or the Chinese idol industry?

00:37:41 DR CRAIG

Has two aspects to it. One is the conventional one that you're familiar with.

00:37:48 DR CRAIG

Jpop and Kpop Idol fandom. You know, that kind of the merchandising, the support of individual fans, the cultivation of a group, the kind of industry system of producing those fans. So there's that aspect to it. But it also seems to.

00:38:04 DR CRAIG

Be interesting that these.

00:38:07 DR CRAIG

I'll get the names, actually the.

00:38:10 DR CRAIG

The riders. Ohh well, their argument is that it also has a kind of nationalism aspect to it that there's also this kind of the political value of the enjoyment. There's a political kind of pro China.

00:38:31 DR CRAIG

Aspect to it.

00:38:31 DR CRAIG

Which you know.

00:38:32 DR CRAIG

I mean, I was just thinking about it. It's not too dissimilar to this idea again of maybe of soft power.

00:38:39 DR CRAIG

That you know.

00:38:40 DR CRAIG

In the 70s, Cowboys Levi Jeans, Marlboro cigarettes right sold a soft power of America, which was the American dream, right? You could, you know, that whole iconography of cinema and American rock music celebrating.

00:39:00 DR CRAIG

A type of American dream, a narrative of, you know, the the land of the free independence of a cowboy.

00:39:08 DR CRAIG

Right. You think all that is wrapped up and it is in a way, political, right, a cowboy film.

00:39:14 DR CRAIG

You know, if you think of John Wayne or someone has wrapped within an iconography of aspects of Americana, of of the appeal and attractiveness.

00:39:23 DR CRAIG

If you're if you're dissatisfied living in in, in Russia in the 70s or 80s, you'd see these these movies of John Wayne as a cowboy and you might.

00:39:35 DR CRAIG

Received within that certain nationalistic aspects to America.

00:39:38 DR CRAIG

That are positive.

00:39:39 DR CRAIG

Right, freedom, independence Eagles.

00:39:45 DR CRAIG

Eagles. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The bald eagle. Yeah. So I I I don't think it's it's unique to the Chinese pop culture space, but it's interesting.

00:39:57 DR CRAIG

Would be, yeah, I'd be interested to explore further what what the political value is of Chinese music because it was interesting, I know.

00:40:05 DR CRAIG

A year or so ago, they started.

00:40:07 DR CRAIG

To kind of sensor the beautiful boy image in China, right, that kind of androgynous masculinity, which is huge in the kind of bishonen space in Japan and key pop, yeah.

00:40:22 DR CRAIG

Yeah, that, that, that.

00:40:24 DR CRAIG

That chance. I'm sitting Taylor to interrogate that in the K pop. Sure, next.

00:40:29 LORD TAYLOR

OK, to me it just seems it. It seems exactly the same across the board from K Pop as well because as it says here in the article, idol fans often interpret nationalism as loyalty to national identity, and he and adherence to the states, policies and rules have there.

00:40:46 DR CRAIG

Yeah, adherence to the states, policies and rules. Yeah. And I think because I think there's a difference between like your Eurovision nationalism, where you will be supporting your team because you're from that country. And I am assuming in some of the K Pop Idol machines.

00:40:58 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah. As I was saying in terms of of K Pop, it's very much that as well because they've got like their special public holidays and sort of things like that as well. And they need to.

00:41:08 LORD TAYLOR

For the the idols, they need to be there, showing basically the public how to celebrate that particular holiday, and if they don't do it right.

00:41:19 LORD TAYLOR

So for example, there's been some Japanese idols who have been part of the capot groups, and they have done sort of like faux pas in terms of it. And they've gotten really.

00:41:30 LORD TAYLOR

Ripped apart online because they didn't follow these nationalist values as well.

00:41:34 DR CRAIG

Look and and.

00:41:35 DR CRAIG

They think it's really interesting when you look at these TV shows in Korea, which will have a variety of nationalities competing for.

00:41:44 DR CRAIG

Or getting into the group by the end of the show, each one of those nationalities kind of perform a hyper nationalism in a way, as we saw last week, we were talking about some of the Australian KPOP performers and we had that clip of them saying g'day mate g'day mate to some, you know, primary school kids.

00:42:05 DR CRAIG

But and and again, what we're laughing about there is that they're stuck performing a national identity which if you're Australian and you're seeing them perform that national identity, some people will get really ****** *** at it and say that you're you're a clown for performing this stereotype of Australian identity. And I think that's the burden that maybe.

00:42:25 DR CRAIG

You know, if you're overseas and you're that nationality and you're going to draw upon that nationality as your brand, then it can be a really tough environment in terms of, you know, being having those expectations of people from that country. We've got a message, a message. Yeah.

00:42:45 DR CRAIG

On the chat, OK.

00:42:46 DR CRAIG

I don't know how long ago this was. It's a message from M Baraldi saying a game is bad when Craig takes 20 minutes to finish his turn.

00:43:00 DR CRAIG

Oh wait, wrong sort of game. OK, I need someone to vet these messages.

00:43:07 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah, before you read them.

00:43:08 LORD TAYLOR

Out let me.

00:43:08 DR CRAIG

How I read?

00:43:09 DR CRAIG

Them. Yeah, I do take 20 minutes this.

00:43:11 DR CRAIG

Could be board gaming.

00:43:12 DR CRAIG

Because I do. Yeah. OK.

00:43:14 DR CRAIG

So this is phenomenon board gaming called procrastination.

00:43:19 DR CRAIG

What is it this this is about afraid.

00:43:21 DR CRAIG

Story. Yeah. Yeah, it's a, it's.

00:43:24 DR CRAIG

Where you procrastinate too much.

00:43:26 DR CRAIG

All the time because there's so many.

00:43:28 DR CRAIG

Good moves you.

00:43:29 LORD TAYLOR

Can make just just make the move.

00:43:33 DR CRAIG

Yeah, yeah, or not.

00:43:35 LORD TAYLOR

Just make the move.

00:43:40 DR CRAIG

So yes, thank you. That is true. That is true. Yeah. Live in the moment. Try and make your moves more quickly.

00:43:47 DR CRAIG

We've learned a lot from that.

00:43:48 DR CRAIG

Thank you for for.

00:43:49 DR CRAIG

For for posting there the M virality that's most appreciated all right.

00:43:57 DR CRAIG

Yeah, let's go to.

00:43:58 DR CRAIG

Some music alright.

00:44:06 DR CRAIG

That's actually, I didn't mind.

00:44:08 DR CRAIG

That OK, that's a.

00:44:09 LORD TAYLOR

Good one, yeah.

00:44:09 DR CRAIG

I didn't mind it.

00:44:10 DR CRAIG

All right. Well, we're, we're, we've only got.

00:44:13 DR CRAIG

About 5-10 minutes left and what I want to do is set up.

00:44:19 DR CRAIG

Well, we'll continue.

00:44:20 DR CRAIG

From next week, but we did 2 introductions, 2 introduction, 2 introductions.

00:44:24 DR CRAIG

So how do you do a good introduction before we listen to the two entries that we've set up? I just want to remind us of what we talked about last week, which was to do a good introduction. It should have, it should deliver high energy. Well, I.

00:44:45 DR CRAIG

Five elements in a radio show podcast intro, a voice, music, sound effects, episode information, and the conversational writing style.

00:44:55 DR CRAIG

Those, those are some that they've suggested they have other ones are that it should hook the listeners attention, OK.

00:45:02 DR CRAIG

So we're going to do is going to listen to the two examples we'll set up and we'll say which one hooks the listeners attention.

00:45:08 DR CRAIG

Invest a radio show intro should gradually listeners attention in the 1st 10.

00:45:12 LORD TAYLOR

Seconds Oh dear.

00:45:14 DR CRAIG

Or so and make them want to stay tuned for more.

00:45:17 DR CRAIG

Secondly, the elements of radio show introduction should include voice, music, sound effects, and episode information. These elements should be used strategically, should be used strategically and creatively.

00:45:30 DR CRAIG

To create a vivid and realistic soundscape that appeals to the listeners imagination and emotions. Yeah, they should also convey the main theme, questions or problems that will be explored in the.

00:45:43 DR CRAIG

It should establish the genre, tone, setting characters and conflict of the story, and finally it should create a sense of anticipation and curiosity for what's.

00:45:52 LORD TAYLOR

Going to happen next. Can I just say that I didn't have this?

00:45:54 LORD TAYLOR

In front of me when I made my.

00:45:55 DR CRAIG

Yeah, you did. Yeah.

00:45:57 DR CRAIG

But you know. But yeah, I think we should treat this like a school sign. Yeah. Yeah. And. And give it the what is it called? The Criterion reference assessment that Sierra.

00:46:10 DR CRAIG

OK. Did you?

00:46:11 LORD TAYLOR

Wanna play yours? No, yours first.

00:46:13 DR CRAIG

Alright, well before I have to set mine.

00:46:14 LORD TAYLOR

Up then. OK, well, The thing is.

00:46:16 LORD TAYLOR

Well, I'll just explain mine then. So I didn't no keep setting.

00:46:21 LORD TAYLOR

I am set up.

00:46:22 DR CRAIG

Now I just have to change tab. OK, good.

00:46:22 Speaker 4


00:46:24 DR CRAIG

OK, so mine is based on. I was listening to this.

00:46:31 DR CRAIG

YouTube clip called the 10 Best Old Show radio intros.

00:46:35 DR CRAIG

And #10 was this radio show called gangbusters gangbusters, which I immediately thought of. Hey, I've heard that before.

00:46:42 DR CRAIG

Gangbusters like it's a phrase. It's going gangbusters gangbusters.

00:46:50 DR CRAIG

You know when.

00:46:50 DR CRAIG

I say that you're gang gang Busters, mate. Yeah, gangbusters.

00:46:55 DR CRAIG

Gang Busters. So it literally means gang and Buster and it's from this 1930s radio show called Gangbuk.

00:47:02 DR CRAIG

Masters, which was it's really out there it it's it's real crime cases which police and members from the public.

00:47:13 LORD TAYLOR

Sorry, that's not.

00:47:13 DR CRAIG

Brought to them and it's got like a real police officer setting up the story. And then they do a reenactment of it.

00:47:22 DR CRAIG

And the intro is famous for being so explosive and over the top. OK, that's, you know, it's called going gangbusters.

00:47:30 LORD TAYLOR

So like the 18.

00:47:30 DR CRAIG

Because the intro.

00:47:32 DR CRAIG

Yeah. Yeah. Like the 18 two.

00:47:34 DR CRAIG

And it was, it was so.

00:47:35 DR CRAIG

Explosive in its gun shooting that people said, you know it's going gangbusters because of how over the top the intros.

00:47:43 DR CRAIG

Here's the intro here. It's introduced by Jeff Jorgensen talking about why he likes it. So listen to that, and then we'll play mine, which?

00:47:49 DR CRAIG

Is in the style of this.

00:47:50 Speaker 4


00:47:52 Speaker 7

Here, then, are numbers 10 through 6 on my list.

00:47:57 Speaker 7

#10 gangbusters.

00:48:01 Speaker 7

Ever heard the expression coming on like gangbusters to describe someone or something that is practically exploding with energy?

00:48:08 Speaker 7

It comes from this intro and you'll understand.

00:48:11 Speaker 7

Why? When you hear it?

00:48:13 Speaker 7

Breaking glass and alarm bell sirens and Tommy guns blasting let you know this was not a show for the timid, but rather a cops and robbers thrill ride.

00:48:24 Speaker 8

And now? Gangbusters.

00:48:28 Speaker 8

Gangbusters presented in cooperation with police and federal law enforcement departments throughout the United States. The only national programme that brings you authentic police case histories.

00:48:55 DR CRAIG

So, so much special.

00:48:56 DR CRAIG

Effects it's always like he says gangbusters, and then it's just like 5 special effects. It's like.

00:49:04 DR CRAIG

Car train explosion. Machine. Gun whistle. Alright, so that I listen to that. I thought, well, that's great. So this is my medium mothership intro in the style of gangbusters. Alright, so this goes for a minute. 50. It looked long. Let's go.

00:49:18 Speaker 4


00:49:26 Speaker 6

The media mothership, the show that blasts through the media landscape with Doctor Craig and Lord Taylor.

00:49:36 Speaker 6

The show that exposes the secrets and lies of.

00:49:39 Speaker 6

The media industry.

00:49:41 Speaker 6

The show that explores how media can shape our understanding of the world around us and what we can.

00:49:46 Speaker 6

Do about it.

00:49:50 Speaker 6

Every Friday at 4:00, join Doctor Craig and Lord Taylor as they explore the impact of movies, TV shows, video games and more. With critical and informative conversations with creators.

00:50:04 Speaker 6

And fans, we're streaming.

00:50:06 Speaker 6

On edge audio.

00:50:10 Speaker 6

YouTube and Spear Chase as.

00:50:12 Speaker 6

Well, as our 99.350.


Message us on the chat at.

00:50:20 Speaker 6

YouTube, Twitch, or sends us on 488,811,707. Don't miss the media mothership. Most exciting show on radio.

00:50:41 Speaker 4

You know, I love how I.

00:50:42 DR CRAIG

Put the phone number in and he reads it out as as a number like 18,700,810 and also he doesn't say SMS he goes.

00:51:00 DR CRAIG

And then really, you can't pronounce radio.

00:51:04 DR CRAIG

Audio it's good. Anyway, that's that's that's now locked in.

00:51:09 LORD TAYLOR

That was good. I like that. I definitely like the the part where just everything to start.

00:51:17 DR CRAIG

Well, it went gangbusters. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:51:22 DR CRAIG

Yeah, the sound alright. So that that was me, OK. It it fails a couple of aspects.

00:51:27 Speaker 8

It's it's a little long.

00:51:28 DR CRAIG

But you know if I want.

00:51:30 DR CRAIG

To get started on special effects.

00:51:31 DR CRAIG

It's very difficult to stop.

00:51:32 LORD TAYLOR

It definitely is.

00:51:34 DR CRAIG

Alright, well we can.

00:51:35 LORD TAYLOR

Do you you know? OK, well, with my one I was making it and I sort of made it and made my little intro which is like 10 or 15.

00:51:43 LORD TAYLOR

Seconds and then I just put a beat to it and then it.

00:51:46 LORD TAYLOR

Became a song.

00:51:48 DR CRAIG

He just completely changed genre.

00:51:50 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah, it's like so it's now a 2 minute song, including an awesome intro.

00:51:54 DR CRAIG

So this is our first single.

00:51:55 DR CRAIG

It's going out over the eight, yeah, so.

00:51:55 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah. Yeah, it is all right.

00:51:57 DR CRAIG

This is a world exclusive, Taylor Lightstones media mothership single.

00:52:02 DR CRAIG

Yeah, it's got a title.

00:52:04 LORD TAYLOR

Is. Yeah, it's called media.

00:52:05 LORD TAYLOR

Mothership. That's that's gangbuster.

00:52:19 Speaker 4

The ship is under attack. What do we do?



00:52:54 Speaker 4

I got some daft names not even halfway through.

00:53:04 Speaker 4

Yeah. Ohh wow. Stick rocks.

00:53:23 DR CRAIG

Drop the beat.

00:53:38 DR CRAIG

Bring it back.

00:53:38 DR CRAIG

Yeah, I like it.

00:54:08 DR CRAIG

Oh yeah, I think I lost some calories listening to that. That is Hard Rock and that's going to be on the.

00:54:14 DR CRAIG

Dance floor, yeah.

00:54:17 DR CRAIG

That's huge. So.

00:54:21 Speaker 4

This is so there's a.

00:54:22 DR CRAIG

Story that I heard right? So the spaceships coming in and there's a docking.

00:54:27 DR CRAIG

Batten is set for 99.3, which is wonderfully diegetic in terms of like an in world. Explanation for why I've got 9.3 and then and then it goes like 2001 when it gets just like docking in and just like 2001 has it as a classic.

00:54:48 DR CRAIG

Soundtrack as the the ships docking into the space station.

00:54:52 DR CRAIG

Here it goes. Yeah.

00:54:53 DR CRAIG

Full kind of I I I felt a bit of.

00:54:56 DR CRAIG

Hitchhiker? Yeah. With with the loop.

00:55:01 DR CRAIG

My limited reference vocabulary. Hitchhiker.

00:55:05 DR CRAIG

But had a good groove.

00:55:07 DR CRAIG

Yeah, I like the returning the the kind of.

00:55:12 DR CRAIG

That was. That was nice. Yeah. Yeah. Look, I love it. I love it.

00:55:14 Speaker 4

Thank you very much.

00:55:19 DR CRAIG

You know, we, we we don't play music on this show because it's all copyrighted. So we're going to be playing that.

00:55:26 DR CRAIG

It's a kind of.

00:55:28 DR CRAIG

Break as I need to run to the.

00:55:29 DR CRAIG

Toilet or something?

00:55:32 DR CRAIG

Also, I think that song automatically is a smooth one for Just Dance. I was thinking some of the Just Dance moves I could do.

00:55:41 DR CRAIG

To that, yeah.

00:55:42 LORD TAYLOR

As well, because as we all know, as listeners to this station know you are a Just Dance champion, aren't you?

00:55:48 DR CRAIG

I do groove.

00:55:49 DR CRAIG

Yeah, with the K pop, you see me grooving sometimes? Yeah.

00:55:51 DR CRAIG

It. Yeah, it's not. People wouldn't know. I'm nearly 50.

00:55:56 DR CRAIG

When I'm breaking.

00:55:57 DR CRAIG

Down those moves and think, wow, this guy is limber.

00:56:03 DR CRAIG

I think it's good.

00:56:04 DR CRAIG

OK. So in terms of how it addresses the criterion reference to assessment that we set up hooks.

00:56:10 DR CRAIG

Attention. Yeah. Yeah. Yours. Yeah. Yeah. It had voice to it. Yeah. I think those had voice music. Mine didn't have music.

00:56:22 DR CRAIG

So, but did it need it? Yeah.

00:56:24 LORD TAYLOR

Because in terms of the gangbusters that didn't help. Yeah, yeah.

00:56:27 DR CRAIG

Uh sound effects might have tonnes of sound effects you end up.

00:56:30 DR CRAIG

Putting any sound.

00:56:31 LORD TAYLOR

Effects. Yeah. So in the the part where it's like going between the, the it's like that that sound that sound effect that happens before it smashes.

00:56:42 DR CRAIG

Yes. Ohh yes, yes, yes.

00:56:44 LORD TAYLOR

The the the.

00:56:46 DR CRAIG

That's yes, it good explosion.

00:56:46 LORD TAYLOR

Was a. It wasn't actually an explosion. Oh, it was a aeroplane. Breaking the sound barrier.

00:56:54 DR CRAIG

Yeah, yeah. Which makes it so much more appropriate.

00:56:58 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah. It's like a spaceship.

00:57:00 DR CRAIG

But then you're literally breaking peoples's definition of sound with the epic beats. Then you're putting your breaking sound.

00:57:09 DR CRAIG

I was gonna say quality, but no, you're doing sound quality.

00:57:13 LORD TAYLOR

And then at the start, of course, there was always the the little asteroids.

00:57:16 LORD TAYLOR

Flowing by Bill Bill.

00:57:17 DR CRAIG

Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, I think it was establishing genre tone, setting characters and conflict. We had a.

00:57:22 DR CRAIG

Few music piece.

00:57:23 DR CRAIG

Yeah, I think a real epic 2001 disco and anticipation and curiosity of what's going to happen next. Yeah, definitely.

00:57:33 DR CRAIG

Yeah, we aced it, yeah.

00:57:36 DR CRAIG

And hey, today we even got a comment. So thank you very much in Veraldi for posting on the the chat there.

00:57:44 Speaker 4

And thanks for the comment.

00:57:44 DR CRAIG

I just appreciate it. Thank you most. Sorry, I don't know. I think we talked talking about video games like 20 minutes before I saw it, but apologies that alright. So thanks for listening to.

00:57:56 DR CRAIG

Media mothership our ohh it's actually we're going.

00:57:58 DR CRAIG

Over into your, yeah.

00:58:04 DR CRAIG

I feel like I had to do.

00:58:05 DR CRAIG

My out right now.

00:58:06 LORD TAYLOR

Because it's too quickly, quickly.

00:58:08 DR CRAIG

OK, this listening to the show, I hope you found something is interesting. Next week we're going to be setting up some more of those discussions around how to do introduction pieces for radio.

00:58:19 DR CRAIG

I want to get through some of those other classic old time radio pieces. If you want to reach out to us, you can catch up with us.

00:58:27 DR CRAIG

Facebook or discord?

00:58:30 DR CRAIG

YouTube or Twitch, so just shoot, search for media mothership and that that song will be available somewhere. If you can give it to me, I could put it on YouTube.

00:58:39 LORD TAYLOR

OK, if you want. Yeah, sure.

00:58:39 DR CRAIG

Yeah, yeah, you can download it there. There'll be. I think we've got merch now. We've gotta make that. That's great. Alright, so let's be medium. Other shoot for another week. Keep listening.

00:58:50 DR CRAIG

Coming up next is Kpop Unlimited.

00:58:52 DR CRAIG

Well, right now. Yeah. Escape from unlimited time slot. What are we doing on?

00:58:57 DR CRAIG

Cap unlimited now.

00:58:57 LORD TAYLOR

It's a it's a.

00:58:58 LORD TAYLOR

Hitchhiker show. Oh, great.

00:59:00 LORD TAYLOR

Yeah. Where every, like at least half the music is done by hitchhiker.

00:59:05 DR CRAIG

Well worth it. He's an artist that can totally take table that time. All right. Yeah, I'll play. I'll play an edge.

00:59:15 Speaker 4

Alright. And there we go.

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