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'The Fat Man' and the Media Mothership

Episode 38

Broadcast @ Edge Radio, Friday 16 June 2023.

Also available on YouTube.

Get ready for a thrilling episode of Media Mothership, where we dive into the world of AI and how it's transforming everything from music to manga. You'll hear how AI is recreating the Beatles' songs and the classic Japanese manga Black Jack. Then, we'll continue our audio voyage back in time to the golden age of radio and show you how to craft a captivating intro for radio (see ep.36 and ep.37). We'll use the example of "The Fat Man", a popular detective series that aired in the US and Australia in the late 1940s and early 1950s. You'll learn what made it so popular and how it holds up today. And as a bonus, we'll present our own version of "The Fat Man" Media Mothership intro, complete with vintage ads. Don't miss this exciting episode of Media Mothership!

Obese man in spaceship.
The 'Fat Man' radio drama meets the 'Media Mothership'. (Bing Image Creator)

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Alright, you're listening to.

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It's radio 99.3 FM. This is now the media mothership here on these beautiful waveforms, these beautiful FM waveforms or digital, if we're, if we're going digital, and of course.

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I am your.

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Host Doctor Craig joined as always by.

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OK. How how are you? Yeah. Good. Yeah. Yes. And as we do each week, we explore how media can shape our understanding of the world around us. And we're streaming, as on dot AU, YouTube and Twitch, you can message us.

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To comment about all the controversial material on the show.

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Via SMS at 0488811707.

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Or you can drop us a chat.

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Drop us some chat message message.

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Here on the Facebook no, not Facebook.

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YouTube or Twitch stream there we.

00:01:39 Dr Craig Norris

Go. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not looking at.

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Today, or rarely, ever.

00:01:45 Dr Craig Norris

OK. So in today's show, we're going to get through some news and then we're going to explore the topic of what we can learn from old radio show introductions.

00:01:53 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, much like we did last week. Taylor is as always going to be doing the mixing desk for music.

00:02:01 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. So I will point you.

00:02:04 Dr Craig Norris

So. So yeah, keep listening all that and more on.

00:02:08 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Your mothership. OK, so so I'll play a song again. OK, let me just explain it first. So these, these little little clips that you'll hear are songs that I've been making for, well, accepts from songs that I've been making for the past 20 or so years.


Oh yeah, yeah.

00:02:12 Dr Craig Norris

Oh, thank you.

00:02:22 Dr Craig Norris

So yeah. Wow. So it's a it's a bit.

00:02:25 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Of an archive? Yeah. And so some of them are really bad, but I think they fit.

00:02:28 Lord Taylor Lidstone

The ethos of media mothership.

00:02:31 Dr Craig Norris

Which is not bad ethos, but.

00:02:34 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Because it's sort of alien sounding, yeah.

00:02:37 Dr Craig Norris

Perfect. Alright, well, let's, let's get one of.

00:02:38 Dr Craig Norris

These babies going, yeah.

00:02:51 Dr Craig Norris

Hey, you're listening to media.

00:02:53 Dr Craig Norris

Mothership that was very smooth, yeah.

00:02:54 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It's called Cyberman.

00:02:57 Dr Craig Norris

OK. Yeah. How did you put that one together?

00:02:59 Dr Craig Norris

What software did you use?

00:03:01 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Ohh yeah, FL studio fruity loops, yeah.

00:03:04 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Great. All right. Well, thank you, cyber man.

00:03:10 Dr Craig Norris

Our first show actually very good segue is that the British Film Board has turned to AI to help spot bad language, sex and violence.

00:03:19 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Just in the street or?

00:03:21 Dr Craig Norris

That would be interesting. Very kind of surveillance device oriented, but no, this is in media.

00:03:27 Dr Craig Norris

These television, so a few weeks back we mentioned House trailer is revamping its classification blubs you know so those.

00:03:37 Dr Craig Norris

Text we see next to the MA 15 plants, extreme violence, and so forth.

00:03:41 Dr Craig Norris

Adding new contextual ones to this while continuing that idea of countries continuing to rejig their classification schemes, the British boys just done away with humans.

00:03:53 Dr Craig Norris

It seems going straight into AI, So what they're doing is they're entering into a partnership with Amazon of all companies.

00:04:01 Dr Craig Norris

To use artificial intelligence to identify and tag content issues such as bad language, sex, violence, and so forth on films and video.

00:04:10 Dr Craig Norris

So article in the Guardian goes on to say that the aims to save time and money.

00:04:15 Dr Craig Norris

For the ball.

00:04:16 Dr Craig Norris

And streaming services and they listed a number of examples of the kind of onerous experiences some of the classification boards had to sit through.

00:04:25 Dr Craig Norris

It was like this 10 hour paint drying video piece that they.

00:04:30 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Watched paint drying and it's a it was a 310 GB video file.

00:04:36 Lord Taylor Lidstone

And had to be assessed over 2 consecutive days.

00:04:40 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Yeah. So based on those types of experiences, they've turned to.

00:04:45 Dr Craig Norris

Guy with the hope that it's going to provide hopefully useful guidance for classifying, you know, was the paint drying.

00:04:55 Dr Craig Norris

Actually, you know containing some material that would make it 18 plus. Who knows? Unless you sat through and watched every single moment.

00:05:07 Dr Craig Norris

So the article mentions some of the challenges this will inevitably face, such as the requirements to teach the AI first how to recognise these complex categories.

00:05:20 Dr Craig Norris

And how to deal with really unusual submissions like the one we just talked about, the 10 hour paint drying film.

00:05:27 Dr Craig Norris

You know, it's interesting cause one of the activities sometimes in media studies you do is a bit of content analysis where you'll watch a violent scene. It could be dirty Harry class at Clint Eastwood.

00:05:40 Dr Craig Norris

70s Late 70s film or a road runner cartoon and they have to count, you know, violent acts. And that always inevitably creates debate.

00:05:49 Dr Craig Norris

And what is the weight of that violence?

00:05:54 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Can take an Acme 10 tonne weight.

00:05:55 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, can looks if you're coding it on paper. Violent acts are 18 plus classification.

00:06:01 Dr Craig Norris

Because it's the it's.

00:06:02 Dr Craig Norris

Death, dismemberment, murder, and so forth.

00:06:06 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, it's a cartoon. And so contextually that gets then placed in a children's audience. So again, there all these questions around how it's going to get trained to make distinctions.

00:06:16 Dr Craig Norris

Like that and the shortcomings of using content analysis.

00:06:21 Dr Craig Norris

In that way, what do you think? I mean, you've trained. I.

00:06:24 Dr Craig Norris

AI before you.

00:06:26 Dr Craig Norris

Do you let it loose on classifying films and TV a tailor?

00:06:32 Lord Taylor Lidstone

No, not really.

00:06:34 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I just don't I I just think it's an imperfect form or format. Yeah. And the like the. Ohh, there we go.

00:06:38 Speaker 5

Yeah, one of.

00:06:42 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Squeaking your mic there.

00:06:44 Dr Craig Norris

The AI effect.

00:06:47 Lord Taylor Lidstone

No, but the the the potential repercussions for it not catching something could be two disastrous.

00:06:55 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, yeah, because you could quickly have errors coming in at both ends, like adult material that's not being picked up and coded as child friendly and child friendly material getting coded 18 plus absolutely destroying the audience.

00:07:15 Dr Craig Norris

That could have had that material. Oh yeah.

00:07:16 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I mean with the paint drying one for example, you could do something like that in terms of.

00:07:22 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Set the AI to look for sort of like the paint drying on the wall and if anything else comes in to shot or changes the shot then that's when it gets flagged, but then it still should be a human member which goes through and sees it.

00:07:40 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, yeah. And and that's. Yeah, that's that's a kind of collaborative hybrid approach where humans and AI because, yeah, the headline of this is that AI is going to do it all. Obviously, that's not the case. There would still be, as they're training at a lot of human overview.

00:07:58 Dr Craig Norris

But yeah, also the other headache being you know the the difficulty of understanding how it's trained, right, I mean I imagine here the British Board is going to know what they're training the AI with. But I always remember there was that one article talking about how one.

00:08:16 Dr Craig Norris

Of the beta testers.

00:08:18 Dr Craig Norris

To the Bing AI chat, I think or one of the chat bots queried.

00:08:25 Dr Craig Norris

The experience by saying, you know, hey, your AI bot, you know, asked me to divorce my wife and marry it.

00:08:31 Dr Craig Norris

How did that occur? And they said we don't know because the training of it has been so, you know, Internet of Things based that they they it's impossible for them to to loop it back.

00:08:44 Dr Craig Norris

And then the moments where there has.

00:08:45 Dr Craig Norris

It's been revelations of where that training is come from. Have always been kind of accidental, like the revelations of how ohh what was it the the.

00:08:55 Dr Craig Norris

Gettysburg get gets.

00:08:56 Dr Craig Norris

Getty Images Getty Right the It's been revealed that some of the image processing.

00:09:06 Dr Craig Norris

AI were trained on that, and the reason they found that.

00:09:09 Dr Craig Norris

Out was because the.

00:09:11 Lord Taylor Lidstone

You had the water in my water, yeah.

00:09:11 Dr Craig Norris

Getting image began to appear on certain prompts that.

00:09:15 Dr Craig Norris

Cast of it so clearly, yeah, there are moments where the AI, despite the best efforts, probably of its creators to obscure the copyright Ness of those links, still reveals it like that.

00:09:30 Dr Craig Norris

So yeah, it's still a messy space and that issue of training it is is definitely, definitely one of them.

00:09:35 Dr Craig Norris

Let's go to our next.

00:09:36 Dr Craig Norris

Sting as we go to the next article.

00:09:38 Lord Taylor Lidstone


00:09:48 Dr Craig Norris

Alright, you're welcome. I found. I found that one. Yeah. Groovy.

00:09:55 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, it's called. I don't like your hat. Ohh, that's literally what it's called. It's not because you're wearing a hat, right?


For those people.

00:10:05 Dr Craig Norris

That are following on the live stream. I wear hats and it's always worth following the live stream to see what I'm wearing.

00:10:13 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, it really is.

00:10:14 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Today, it's it's a result.

00:10:16 Dr Craig Norris

Devil the umbrella organisation. Ah.

00:10:21 Dr Craig Norris

No equally good reference. Thank you Taylor for that. Is that like would you call that?

00:10:30 Dr Craig Norris

Techno, pop, dance, pop, techno.

00:10:33 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, something like that. Like Electro.

00:10:36 Dr Craig Norris

Nice. So the next article is from the conversation talking about generative AI is a minefield for copyright law and kind of, yeah, covers what I what we just talked about.

00:10:46 Dr Craig Norris

But I want to speak specifically.

00:10:48 Dr Craig Norris

To the example they refer.

00:10:49 Dr Craig Norris

To so they talk about this art competition.

00:10:55 Dr Craig Norris

Where it lead to this very heated backlash online because the winner of the competition used AI to win and I love the tweet in the article. It's this tweet from Kevin Russ who interviewed the winner Jason Allen who.

00:11:14 Dr Craig Norris

Submitted the AI generated piece, unbeknownst to the Colorado State Fair, which went on to win full prize, and his quote is art is dead Dude, it's over a I won humans lost, which immediately made me think.

00:11:32 Dr Craig Norris

The kid is like 13.

00:11:34 Dr Craig Norris

And what? And it's this amazingly luscious, you know, painting in the kind of Renaissance tradition, you know, that, that's it's kind of surreal, kind of.

00:11:47 Dr Craig Norris

It's a really cool picture.

00:11:48 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It is a cool picture, but to anyone that knows anything about mid journey.

00:11:53 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Or or just a I created art. It's instantly you can tell that that's mid journey specifically mid journey. It's not darling, it's not anything else.

00:12:02 Lord Taylor Lidstone

What's the clues?

00:12:03 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It's just the way that it looks because.

00:12:03 Speaker 5

Like the tells us.

00:12:05 Dr Craig Norris

Well, there's no hands. I mean, I always look at hands immediately. How do the?

00:12:09 Dr Craig Norris

Hands look because.

00:12:10 Dr Craig Norris

That's such an obvious tell.

00:12:12 Dr Craig Norris

This one has very, very wisely not featured people with hands, so it's it's. Ohh we can't see the picture the subscription.

00:12:21 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, stuck behind a paywall.

00:12:24 Dr Craig Norris

But yeah, well, I guess it is.

00:12:26 Dr Craig Norris

It is for.

00:12:26 Dr Craig Norris

Me. I guess some of the tells offhand could be the.

00:12:31 Dr Craig Norris

The kind of hybrid Ness of it, like it's a bit of a mishmash of objects and styles. It has overly all that painterly quality. So.

00:12:41 Dr Craig Norris

You could tell that was.

00:12:42 Dr Craig Norris

Specific prompts there and then it has a kind of sci-fi aspect to it, a kind of portal into another world with that.

00:12:51 Dr Craig Norris

Each Geiger kind of portal.

00:12:54 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It just looks like every other mid journey picture of it this.

00:12:57 Dr Craig Norris

Thing. Well, I think as people get more familiar with the types of typical.

00:13:05 Dr Craig Norris

Art that's generated by prompts. Yeah, I think that could become more and more noticeable. But at the moment, yeah, at the moment it's it's, it's the Wild West competitions.

00:13:16 Dr Craig Norris

It's really the sense that, you know, you could walk away because there's already the the big photography prize, I think.

00:13:22 Dr Craig Norris

Oh European Photography Prize, which won from a an AI piece. So yeah, I mean these things are.

00:13:33 Dr Craig Norris

Are grown worthy. Increasingly like this is the second reported.

00:13:40 Dr Craig Norris

Incident, so yeah.

00:13:43 Dr Craig Norris

But yeah, that I just wanted to bring people's attention to that piece from this very interesting article.

00:13:48 Dr Craig Norris

It goes on to discuss more things around legal and ethical issues, but I'll put a link in the show.

00:13:53 Dr Craig Norris

It's so let's go to a sting and I'll bring the.

00:13:56 Dr Craig Norris

Next article up.

00:14:09 Dr Craig Norris

Hey, is that kind of well?


Well, well, well.

00:14:13 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. What about it in reverse? It seemed like the music was played in reverse slightly, remember?

00:14:19 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Ohh slightly this is a song that was probably like 2016 so.

00:14:24 Speaker 1

That's good year.

00:14:28 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I don't think it was in reverse. I think it was just a a synth.

00:14:33 Lord Taylor Lidstone

But you had to set it like.

00:14:36 Lord Taylor Lidstone

A couple of seconds before it was gonna start so we could have that lead in.

00:14:40 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, I liked it. I liked it. It did. Had it had that kind of radio meets aliens, I'm going to get T-shirts made.

00:14:51 Dr Craig Norris

All right. So the next article from ABC News continuing the AI vibe, Paul McCartney says final Beatles record out Beatles.

00:15:00 Dr Craig Norris

Don't you pronounce it over there battles this year, aided by AI? So Paul McCartney has said that this final track has been released with the help of artificial intelligence.

00:15:14 Dr Craig Norris

Record is based on a demo that McCartney and John Lennon worked on, which was McCartney was given by Yoko Ono back in 1994, and the song originally was composed back in 1978 by John Lennon from a composition called now.

00:15:33 Dr Craig Norris

And then, which was previously abandoned as a kind of.

00:15:38 Dr Craig Norris

You know, being able to bring it back as a music piece because it had too much background noise. Mm-hmm.

00:15:45 Dr Craig Norris

But the article goes on to tell to talk about how AI was used to separate Lennon's voice and a piano in the demo, allowing McCartney to finish the song and.

00:15:58 Dr Craig Norris

There's a quote here from McCartney saying AI is kind of see it. I'm going to do the accent.

00:16:06 Dr Craig Norris

Kind of scary, but exciting.

00:16:08 Dr Craig Norris

Because it's the future.

00:16:11 Dr Craig Norris

Are you excited or sceptical about this final Beatles record?

00:16:15 Lord Taylor Lidstone

As someone who has despised everything that The Beatles ever made.

00:16:21 Dr Craig Norris

Wow, I had no idea the.

00:16:22 Dr Craig Norris

Beatles were so polarising I've met two people.

00:16:26 Dr Craig Norris

Who just flat out say don't say that.

00:16:29 Dr Craig Norris

Band's name in front of me.

00:16:31 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Look, I I worked in a. What's it called a place.

00:16:36 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Where you say no.

00:16:38 Dr Craig Norris

I'm trying to think of a mainstream record.

00:16:40 Dr Craig Norris

Company or something music.

00:16:41 Lord Taylor Lidstone

No, it it's volunteer, a volunteer shop.

00:16:44 Dr Craig Norris

OK. Yeah, like Salvation Army.

00:16:46 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, something like that and.

00:16:48 Lord Taylor Lidstone

They only had one CD and they played every single day and it was The Beatles collection.

00:16:55 Dr Craig Norris

You'd imagine a a kind.

00:16:57 Dr Craig Norris

Of a cycle shop would.

00:16:58 Dr Craig Norris

Be full of CD's that people are.

00:17:00 Dr Craig Norris

Recycling, really. But they only had one.

00:17:02 Dr Craig Norris

That was in the CD player or.

00:17:04 Dr Craig Norris

Something or the?

00:17:05 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, that's sort of like this.

00:17:05 Dr Craig Norris

Seriously, what was it again? It was a Beatles.

00:17:08 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It was, it was like the collection of The Beatles or something like that. And there was 3 CD's and you cycled through all of them.

00:17:15 Lord Taylor Lidstone

As their greatest hits and so I hate all of their greatest hits.

00:17:18 Dr Craig Norris

And that, psychologically, would be a like a memory association thing, right? Like you were doing.

00:17:26 Dr Craig Norris

You didn't really enjoy that job.

00:17:27 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It was all right. I didn't mind volunteering there.

00:17:30 Dr Craig Norris

But still that kind of.

00:17:32 Dr Craig Norris

Repetitive kind of like oh, what am I finishing? And the beatings are in the.

00:17:35 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Ohh, she loves you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:17:37 Dr Craig Norris

Background and that.

00:17:40 Dr Craig Norris

So so yeah you.

00:17:41 Dr Craig Norris

Well, at a professional.

00:17:43 Dr Craig Norris

Level are you are.

00:17:44 Dr Craig Norris

You sceptical that this could be pulled off and be commercial, or do you think you know?

00:17:49 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Nothing could easily be commercial.

00:17:52 Lord Taylor Lidstone

The Beatles from having a look at the.

00:17:55 Lord Taylor Lidstone

What was it called Jukebox AI it you can feed in a style and you can feed in words and it can have Johnny Cash singing you the.

00:18:08 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I'm blue dubba Dee dubba die.

00:18:08 Dr Craig Norris

Yes, yeah, yeah, that'd be.

00:18:10 Lord Taylor Lidstone

And it sounds perfect. So yeah.

00:18:11 Speaker 1

Good, that'll be good.

00:18:14 Dr Craig Norris

Well, yeah, for those on the SMS line or on chat.

00:18:18 Dr Craig Norris

How do you think, John?

00:18:19 Dr Craig Norris

Lennon would feel about an AI.

00:18:21 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Being used to finish your song. Yeah, and.

00:18:25 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Right in his accent as.

00:18:26 Dr Craig Norris

Well, yeah, right in his accent.

00:18:30 Dr Craig Norris

Right, let's go to the next news story. Music. Go away. I'm. I'm showing my humanness.

00:18:37 Lord Taylor Lidstone


00:18:55 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I could get behind that one. That's kind of almost piano like in its.

00:19:05 Dr Craig Norris

Is it called a?

00:19:05 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Melody. Yes. What's the? I assume you're talking about the melody.

00:19:10 Dr Craig Norris

That kind of you?

00:19:14 Dr Craig Norris

Could sample that later if you'd.

00:19:16 Dr Craig Norris

Like, OK, that's pretty smooth. Yeah. No, I liked it for some reason.

00:19:20 Dr Craig Norris

I was thinking of Clockwork Orange and the scene where the Alex character goes into shop for records and there's the.

00:19:30 Dr Craig Norris

And a synth version of Brahm's Ninth Symphony.

00:19:35 Dr Craig Norris

Playing. That's what I thought. So that's high praise up there with Brahms Ninth Symphony.

00:19:42 Dr Craig Norris

Clockwork Orange version synth alright. Next article is from Gizmodo talking about how chat bots have stolen fan fiction from the gift culture.

00:19:44 Lord Taylor Lidstone

OK, I'll have to watch it.

00:19:53 Dr Craig Norris

Do we have a?

00:19:54 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, we have to get like kind of.

00:19:55 Dr Craig Norris

Like a bump, bump, bump. No, I'll do it.

00:19:58 Lord Taylor Lidstone

We've got a.

00:20:01 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Text. Ohh great.

00:20:03 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Thank you. Text her. Loving the jingles. Exclamation mark. Also, I hope that John would be happy that people get to hear the song so many years on.

00:20:12 Lord Taylor Lidstone

That's a good.

00:20:13 Dr Craig Norris

Point. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Look, I, you know, it's like when I think to combat my perfectionism, ultimately better, better out. Well, actually, no.

00:20:23 Dr Craig Norris

Quite. I'm going to give someone giving me advice about, you know, food poisoning better out than in.

00:20:29 Dr Craig Norris

Their advice, but in this sense, yeah, perfectionism, I mean, I mean, it's great to get something out and certainly for John Lennon. Yeah. And. And I'm I'm a Beatles tragic. So I I I look forward to any.

00:20:43 Dr Craig Norris

New material. That's good. Thank you, texter.

00:20:46 Dr Craig Norris

That's fantastic. OK, so next round. Cool SMS. Sorry, it's not an SMS. It's not cool. So chat bots have stolen fan fiction from gift culture.

00:20:57 Dr Craig Norris

And again, this is talking about that point I made earlier that there are moments of tells that people are picking up where.

00:21:07 Dr Craig Norris

People have created content for various spaces, you know, get these images or in this case, fan fiction. Writers are getting senses of their work being used to train some of these pieces. So this is this is just talking about a fan fiction writer who is.

00:21:25 Dr Craig Norris

Annoyed at the revelation that you know clearly her the fan fiction space she was submitting to has been revealed as that's because yeah, that's right.

00:21:34 Dr Craig Norris

The the reason the tell was for this fan fiction space was that they managed to get certain promo.

00:21:41 Dr Craig Norris

Which basically got the chatbot to write an Amiga verse.

00:21:48 Dr Craig Norris

Article and I'm not going to go into what the Omega verse is. There's a great Lindsey Ellis YouTube video talking about the Omega verse, but basically it's a genre of writing which has only existed within this specific fan fiction world with specific rules and guidelines. OK, right. So the fact that not only did this chat.

00:22:08 Dr Craig Norris

What create an Omega V?

00:22:10 Dr Craig Norris

Peace but also abided by and reference specific rules and guidelines that only inhabit that particular fan fiction website.

00:22:18 Lord Taylor Lidstone


00:22:19 Dr Craig Norris

OK, so busted. Totally. And yeah, it's it's then talking about the kind of frustration and disrespectfulness and exploitative Ness of these practises, given it's a gift economy.

00:22:31 Dr Craig Norris

Right, you're giving and sharing within this fan fiction space or for non financial gain yet? Yeah, these kind of predatory.

00:22:40 Dr Craig Norris

I guess commercial practises, yeah, these are these are ChatGPT or sorry chatbot creation enterprises which are going to harvest this data to then sell a product with, right.

00:22:52 Dr Craig Norris

So again, that that frustration of what it means legally and ethically for people that have authored, owned, and created these fair use.

00:23:00 Dr Craig Norris

Have them exploited in this way. I mean it's it's a bit of a bind because you also have that narrative of transformative work within fair use and transformative work means you've been able to create a an object using a kind of copyrighted piece of work.

00:23:20 Dr Craig Norris

But it's transformed to such a degree that it no longer replaces it, right? So you know, if you wanted to get a picture of Marilyn Monroe, for instance.

00:23:33 Dr Craig Norris

The the The You would go for a photo of Marilyn Monroe, but some people might say that Andy Warhol's picture of Marilyn Monroe or Elvis.

00:23:41 Dr Craig Norris

Has kind of replaced those photos, so you know that that question of those Andy Warhol pictures could be considered transformative for use because those photos of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe exist separately to the transformative kind of artistic.

00:23:59 Dr Craig Norris

Work that was created.

00:24:01 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. So yeah, you could say equally that the fan fiction the the chatbot creators.

00:24:07 Dr Craig Norris

Taking that material back using transformative practises so that it's so far away from the original that it's no longer the original.

00:24:15 Lord Taylor Lidstone

The issue that I can see with the article that's here is that you've got, so you've got the sharing culture of fan fiction, right?

00:24:23 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yes. And then you've got the scraper which has scraped the website taking the writing off the website and is also offering it for free.

00:24:35 Lord Taylor Lidstone

And then you've got the people that make the AI's and the bots, and they take that free.

00:24:41 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Scraping and turn it into a painful thing so that that is where the issue lies, not with the scraping of the website.

00:24:50 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, maybe I mean.

00:24:54 Dr Craig Norris

I would like.

00:24:55 Dr Craig Norris

To be asked permission possible.

00:24:59 Dr Craig Norris

I mean I.

00:24:59 Dr Craig Norris

Mean there's a moral objection.

00:25:01 Dr Craig Norris

There, right. Like you wouldn't have have knowingly created this piece. I mean, and it's possibly meaning, you know, some of these websites will.

00:25:08 Dr Craig Norris

They have provisos now saying this material can't be used for training.

00:25:15 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I suppose, but anything on the Internet can be scraped.

00:25:18 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Yeah. Well.

00:25:19 Lord Taylor Lidstone

By definition, if it's accessible.

00:25:21 Dr Craig Norris

Well, yeah, as we're finding out with the image creation.

00:25:26 Dr Craig Norris

Products and text creation products. Those have been released in a nearly finished state because of the amount of training they went through by scraping massive amounts of installations.

00:25:36 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Unless it's a, you can only access it through a sign.

00:25:40 Lord Taylor Lidstone

So these places need to have sign up things and not have like APIs which can then query the data.

00:25:48 Dr Craig Norris

And stuff, which is probably, yeah. Maybe where we're headed.

00:25:52 Dr Craig Norris

I should get.

00:25:53 Dr Craig Norris

A ward community around media mothership.

00:25:58 Dr Craig Norris

Do you read or write?

00:25:59 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Fan fiction? No. Have you ever? Yes.

00:26:05 Lord Taylor Lidstone

About people I know at school. Ohh wow. When I was in Grade 7.

00:26:12 Dr Craig Norris

Really, right. Yeah. You read a fan fiction about real people in your school.

00:26:17 Dr Craig Norris

Wow, man, that's pushed to defamation.

00:26:18 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It was funny. It was really funny.

00:26:22 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It was comedy. So did.

00:26:23 Dr Craig Norris

It get out. People started to read it and.

00:26:25 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Ohh, I'd write it every week and then everyone in my friendship group would sit around.

00:26:30 Lord Taylor Lidstone

And listen to it. Ah.

00:26:34 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. And if you're in on the joke, it'd be funny. Wow, looking back at it now, it's horrible. Horrible. Well, feel free to bring any of it onto the.

00:26:43 Lord Taylor Lidstone

No, no, that's never going anywhere.

00:26:43 Dr Craig Norris

Show we'll read little excerpts.

00:26:46 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, well, yeah, alright. Well, let's go to.

00:26:49 Dr Craig Norris

The next Jingle.

00:26:51 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Let's go for.

00:27:07 Dr Craig Norris

Nice. Yeah, that's could almost talk over the top of it. It's a nice kind of almost background piece.

00:27:12 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, it's called snow. Snow prints on concrete. Snow prints. Yeah, like on print concrete.

00:27:20 Dr Craig Norris

Ohh prints PRINT.

00:27:22 Lord Taylor Lidstone

S yes, yeah.

00:27:23 Dr Craig Norris

I thought it was PRI.

00:27:26 Dr Craig Norris

And I was thinking snow prints on concrete.

00:27:29 Dr Craig Norris

Wow, did he?

00:27:30 Speaker 7

Blatter forms from the bright.

00:27:31 Dr Craig Norris

Eyes because it didn't seem like the soundscape.

00:27:35 Dr Craig Norris

For that, no.

00:27:36 Dr Craig Norris

But maybe it was.

00:27:38 Dr Craig Norris

Mercy. Yeah. For him to pass away in.

00:27:40 Dr Craig Norris

That way, OK.

00:27:42 Dr Craig Norris

Sorry, that wasn't.

00:27:43 Dr Craig Norris

At all the sound, it was Prince. Someone walking. Yeah, I. Yeah, that's really nice.

00:27:48 Dr Craig Norris

All right, next article is from Sora News 24 talking about AI being used to write a new chapter in the God of mongers series blackjack.

00:27:58 Dr Craig Norris

This is Osamu Osamu Osamu Tezuka. So one of the great Post War manga creators passed away a long time ago.

00:28:06 Dr Craig Norris

Now 80s, I think he passed away. One of his really well known pieces. Blackjack telling the.

00:28:13 Dr Craig Norris

Story of a surgeon.

00:28:15 Dr Craig Norris

It turns out there's going to be new chapters written via an AI, and this is a collaboration between or. Is it joint efforts between Tezuka Productions?

00:28:27 Dr Craig Norris

And Satoshi Kuti Hadda, a professor at Keio University. You know. So yeah. Did he?

00:28:35 Lord Taylor Lidstone

The the fellow that drew it did. Do you have anything to do with Astro? Boring.

00:28:40 Dr Craig Norris

The star boy, he did indeed.

00:28:41 Dr Craig Norris

Tezuka is the creator of Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom.

00:28:45 Lord Taylor Lidstone

So that gives you.

00:28:46 Lord Taylor Lidstone

An idea of what the like the looks like.

00:28:50 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Yeah, it's very much that 1950s anime, and Suzuki is considered like the godfather of manga. He created some of the most well known and most cherished classic anime manga figures in the 50s. The 60s. Yeah, many of which were globalised and spread around the world.

00:29:13 Lord Taylor Lidstone

What's another one other than Astro Boy then?

00:29:16 Dr Craig Norris

Jungle Taitei Jungle Titan came to the white line.

00:29:20 Dr Craig Norris

In English. Ohh right.

00:29:22 Dr Craig Norris

Jungle taitei. My wife always jokes to me that when I first tried to say.

00:29:26 Dr Craig Norris

The Japanese version of.

00:29:27 Dr Craig Norris

It jungle tight there, I said. Jungle Taisho and Taisho is middle middle management.

00:29:35 Dr Craig Norris

Of company. So it was like.

00:29:37 Dr Craig Norris

You know the middle manager of the jungle.

00:29:41 Speaker 2

She thought it was the.

00:29:41 Dr Craig Norris

Funniest thing ever.

00:29:43 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Yeah. So I always have to hesitate.

00:29:46 Dr Craig Norris

And it's like as a jungle tight.

00:29:49 Dr Craig Norris

Not Thai show. Yeah, yeah.

00:29:51 Dr Craig Norris

So give me the white line.

00:29:53 Dr Craig Norris

He did a a gender.

00:29:54 Dr Craig Norris

Bending one, keeping no, something set in Marie Antoinette. Period.

00:30:01 Dr Craig Norris

I think it's a girl that puts on a Musketeers clothing to fight, OK?

00:30:09 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So they're doing an AI version of blackjack now, which. Yeah, it's getting some coverage as to whether this will bring back, you know, well, is it authentic?

00:30:23 Dr Craig Norris

To zuka style.

00:30:24 Dr Craig Norris

Blackjack. I mean, Blackjack has had various versions since the original, but yeah.

00:30:30 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, interesting to.

00:30:32 Dr Craig Norris

The almost as a marketing thing, but it's interesting. It's a professor from a university that they're joining with right media mothership services are available. We have great track record with the Harry Potter and the Exploding Pumpkins and Sherlock Holmes and the.

00:30:52 Dr Craig Norris

Santa won that one in school, but yeah.

00:30:55 Dr Craig Norris

So a great track record. Yeah, yeah.

00:31:01 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Any. Well, here's a question for the chat. If if you could bring an fictional character back with AI, who would you choose and why?

00:31:11 Dr Craig Norris

Would you choose any like would you like?

00:31:14 Dr Craig Norris

AI to come and create the next chapter of something. I mean humans can do it, but if you could bring a professor from a Japanese university into it AI box.

00:31:26 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Ohh, I can't think of anything apart from Sherlock Holmes. We've already done that and it was already great.

00:31:32 Dr Craig Norris

Exactly right. Let's go to a Jingle. Last news story.

00:31:36 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Ohh, it's the last one we're going.

00:31:37 Lord Taylor Lidstone

For something hard then OK.

00:32:02 Dr Craig Norris

Yes, yes, it was hard. It had a driving beat to it.

00:32:10 Dr Craig Norris

What's that one?

00:32:10 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Called drones of Halloween. Ohh, drones of Halloween.

00:32:15 Dr Craig Norris

Is there a story behind the creation?

00:32:16 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Of that, yeah, that was I I did it for a it was like a.

00:32:23 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Competition. And because that's a game, drones and Halloween is like a game and they wanted people to write the trailer music for.

00:32:29 Dr Craig Norris

It did you submit it? Yeah. Great. No response.

00:32:35 Dr Craig Norris

Well, I'm so glad it could be part.

00:32:36 Dr Craig Norris

Of media mothership.

00:32:40 Dr Craig Norris

Which I think is a great runner up prize. OK, this next article is from Anime News Network talking about how the Ultraman franchise is expanding its licencing programme and it's revealing the series new English dubs on its YouTube channel and a Marvel comic book crossover. Do you know Ultra?

00:32:57 Lord Taylor Lidstone

And I've seen pictures of it, if that's it, the thing with the white and red on it and sort of looks a bit like a power Ranger, I guess.

00:33:07 Dr Craig Norris

Very much so, yeah. So it's part of that kind of what could be called Japanese superhero space Power Rangers.

00:33:13 Dr Craig Norris

Ultraman is very much the progeneration of it. It's very much a kind of, you know, Ground Zero figure in terms of that genre of.

00:33:22 Lord Taylor Lidstone


00:33:23 Dr Craig Norris

Superheroes. What I love about Ultraman is occasionally Westerners will come across these images of the crucifixion of Ultraman and two or three other Ultraman as well.

00:33:36 Dr Craig Norris

It's a famous episode.

00:33:38 Dr Craig Norris

Which involved their crucifixion and so even today you can get figures crucified, Ultraman figures, and it's greatly confusing for Westerners who decode that according to, you know, Christian semiotics. Yet the.


You know the.

00:33:54 Dr Craig Norris

Use of it diegetically.

00:33:56 Dr Craig Norris

Isn't a reference to Christianity and.

00:33:58 Dr Craig Norris

Pieces. You know, it's the fact that crucifixion was actually introduced into Japan as westernisation was occurring as a form in chocolate. Ohh. Period. Yeah. As punishment, as as much like the.

00:34:05 Lord Taylor Lidstone

We'll punish her.

00:34:09 Dr Craig Norris

Did to to punish people often. Sometimes it was during the clampdown of Christianity. You know, in Japan where they were crucified.

00:34:19 Dr Craig Norris

And so yeah, the use of crucifixion is as a torture for the Ultraman characters. But unpacking that from a western, you know, judeo Christian space.

00:34:29 Dr Craig Norris

Can't but place a religious?

00:34:31 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. So it's a deeply, deeply rich semiotic space. We'll go into it in more depth in a future show, but yeah, this is talking about, yeah, Ultraman, which?

00:34:43 Dr Craig Norris

Was like, you know. Oh gosh.

00:34:45 Dr Craig Norris

60s I think it.

00:34:46 Dr Craig Norris

Began. So it's finally having a bit.

00:34:48 Dr Craig Norris

Of western crossover.

00:34:49 Dr Craig Norris

And it's gained a little bit of traction these days through Netflix.

00:34:53 Dr Craig Norris

So it's an interesting franchise which never established it outside Asia. Power Rangers certainly did break through Carmen ride or another kind of.

00:35:03 Dr Craig Norris

Masked Hero series struggled.

00:35:07 Dr Craig Norris

To find an audience, yeah.

00:35:12 Dr Craig Norris

So yeah, yeah, I thought was interesting in Ultra man, Japanese pop culture, superheroes crossing over with American superheroes and Marvel Entertainment. We'll see if it works.

00:35:23 Dr Craig Norris

Hopefully soon. Yeah. Alright. Now we're going to a hard break to set up the next topic. OK. So do you have an appropriate music piece Jingle for changing gears?

00:35:36 Dr Craig Norris

You know, so we're we're we're moving from news now into our topic, which is what can we learn from old radio show introductions.

00:36:06 Dr Craig Norris

And we've got an SMS. Oh, yeah. Do you want to read what the SMS?

00:36:12 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Of course, I'd love AI to generate more Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy stories and another chapter in Marvel's Agent Carter would be nice too, even if it doesn't get made into a TV series.

00:36:24 Dr Craig Norris

And I think that's one of the things about possibly having second or third lives to a franchise where you can move it into a slightly less expensive.

00:36:37 Dr Craig Norris

Platform into a cheaper platform like comic books or radio drama and.


And you know it could.

00:36:44 Dr Craig Norris

It could happen. Hitchcock has got the galaxies fasting thing I like about Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy.

00:36:48 Dr Craig Norris

Is that each iteration of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Yeah, the the BBC Radio drama, the original books. Well, I think the radio drama came first, then the books. And then, of course, we've had since then, the.

00:37:05 Dr Craig Norris

Movie. Hmm is that each one does a subtle and maybe sometimes not so subtle change to some of the DNA of it. So for instance, the casting of Ford prefects.

00:37:17 Dr Craig Norris

In the movie was for a black actor, which many people kind of lost and said well, no, no, no.

00:37:24 Dr Craig Norris

It's so established that it's a white actor from the TV show and the radio drama and the sense that no, no, it's it's a permutation. It's like a multiplicity of variation. Each one will have a slightly different weighting.

00:37:37 Dr Craig Norris

So even the movie decentes the main character somewhat so in the in the radio drama, it's the human.

00:37:48 Dr Craig Norris

For Arthur Dent, is that the name of the human? Yeah. Is kind of the the central character. Yeah. In the movie, it shifted to more for prefect, I'd say so, yeah. Even even that kind of.

00:37:51 Lord Taylor Lidstone

But the the the name of the main character, yeah.

00:38:04 Dr Craig Norris

You know who the main character is? Slightly shifts and Orient. So yeah, it'd be interesting if if if a different version of that.

00:38:14 Dr Craig Norris

You know, I mean, Douglas Adams was always famous for, for when he was interviewed, you know, talking about why the fan backlash against some of the casting choices and the story choices in the the movie version was would.

00:38:27 Dr Craig Norris

Always say no.

00:38:28 Dr Craig Norris

It's all about multiplicity. It's all about, you know, decentering and changing.

00:38:33 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah, I'd be up for any more Douglas Adams. He wrote the best episodes of Doctor Who, for example.

00:38:40 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Yeah. What? What? What's well? This.

00:38:42 Dr Craig Norris

Is the Tom Baker.

00:38:43 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Period. Yeah. Around about then, yeah.

00:38:46 Dr Craig Norris

You've got titles.

00:38:46 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Because he was, he was the he was like, basically the showrunner for the sort of like the most famous Tom Baker episodes.

00:38:57 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, I forget about some of those, Douglas Adams.

00:39:01 Dr Craig Norris

And albums. Well, we'll have to look into that in.

00:39:02 Dr Craig Norris

The future? Yeah, and in.

00:39:04 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Doctor Who. He formed like a sort of like a up with a couple of other writers.

00:39:10 Lord Taylor Lidstone

And they all wrote under the name David Agnew. So if you see anything in classic Doctor Who that says David Agnew.

00:39:14 Dr Craig Norris

Right, so you can't.

00:39:17 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It's not a person, it's all of the writers for the show.

00:39:20 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes. And it's.

00:39:22 Dr Craig Norris

Not that they were.

00:39:23 Dr Craig Norris

Embarrassed by it, I wonder why they did that. I imagine it wasn't because they were embarrassed, be connected to it.

00:39:31 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Because it's a little bit episodes.

00:39:31 Dr Craig Norris

They may have been, I mean, Doctor Who was notorious for having a very limited budget. Well, thank you, SMS. Now, as I said, the changing gears last week.

00:39:44 Dr Craig Norris

We did #10 of the best.

00:39:49 Dr Craig Norris

Old time radio shows ever. This is from Jeff Jorgensen's list, so we're moving into #9, and I wanna dive a little bit deeper into it, but we'll set it up through Jeff Jorgensen's.

00:40:01 Dr Craig Norris

Analysis So here's Jeff Jorgenson is a a voice over artist as well. So here he is introducing the number 9, which we'll be investigating on the show now.

00:40:14 Speaker 2

#9 the fat man. I can't resist the description of a mysterious man walking into a drug store to cheque his weight on a penny scale and getting a fortune card that reads danger. The Fat Man was private detective Brad Runyon, and the audience knew right away from the intro.

00:40:34 Speaker 2

That he was big and was.

00:40:35 Speaker 2

Going to be dealing with trouble.

00:40:36 Speaker 6


00:40:40 Speaker 8

There he goes into that drugstore.


He's stepping on the scales.

00:40:48 Speaker 6

Weight 239 pounds fortune.


Who is it?

00:41:01 Speaker 8

The fat man.

00:41:10 Dr Craig Norris

All right. Yeah. So you know, and obviously the the title, The Fat Man, such a loaded term and very much is 1 which.

00:41:19 Dr Craig Norris

You could say has.

00:41:20 Dr Craig Norris

Dated really badly in terms of I couldn't imagine a a title like that existing today, but what's interesting digging into the fat man.

00:41:31 Dr Craig Norris

Show a little bit is that it's created or at least attributed to. There's some dispute as to how much involvement he had in it to.

00:41:42 Dr Craig Norris

That who's the author of a really well known detective?

00:41:47 Dr Craig Norris

Piece called the thin Man, it does sound.

00:41:54 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, yeah, yeah, a little funny.

00:41:56 Dr Craig Norris

Actually putting it out. Yeah. So the fat Man is a kind of development on from the thin man.

00:42:01 Dr Craig Norris

And what's intriguing about it is that, you know, I guess it's kind of playing against time. So you hear the fat man and associations like negative derogatory associations of of.

00:42:14 Dr Craig Norris

Overweight is kind of lazy, unproductive. You know all these negatives, which is why this term is dated so badly and would be highly problematic to use today because of its associations as being an insult, mocking someone and so forth. But interestingly, yeah, if you if you listen to some episodes which have been enjoying.

00:42:35 Dr Craig Norris

It's a detective drama and the fat.

00:42:37 Dr Craig Norris

Man is is.

00:42:38 Dr Craig Norris

This detective who is shown to be, you know, the opposites of all of those derogatory associations that you know he is.

00:42:47 Dr Craig Norris

Highly intelligent, productive, really physical. Often there's gunfights and a bit of bifo in it, so it does it does. It does kind of challenge that that negative association and it is a very endearing.

00:43:06 Dr Craig Norris

Endearing character and yeah, the fat man.

00:43:08 Dr Craig Norris

It turns out was really.

00:43:09 Dr Craig Norris

Popular radio drum, in fact. So popular I hadn't realised this, but there's an Australian version of it. All right? Yeah. From 1954 to 55.

00:43:19 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Also a radio.

00:43:20 Dr Craig Norris

Yep, Yep. Yep. Also, a radio drama. There was a the Australian, the ABC, the Australian Warcraft Corporation.

00:43:28 Dr Craig Norris

Sorry, it's in.

00:43:28 Dr Craig Norris

Wikipedia article I'll confess produced 52 episodes, so the ABC produced 52 episodes back in 54 and it was then syndicated around Australia.

00:43:39 Dr Craig Norris

And elsewhere, I don't know if it reached the US, but certainly people in the US know all of it.

00:43:45 Dr Craig Norris

UM, the main character, the Fat Man whose name is Brad Runyon, was played by the New Zealand actor Lloyd Berrell. And if you listen to them, they're they're done with American voices. So you there's no Australians to it in terms of. It's not like it's Kings Cross Sydney, it's.

00:44:04 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Is it Australians putting on American voices, though? OK, yeah.

00:44:05 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it's it's it's still in that US setting. And and there was also a film by William Castle and longtime listeners of media mothership will.

00:44:16 Dr Craig Norris

We did a six month analysis of five minute pieces of William Castle's famous film, The House on Haunted Hill, Vincent Price.

00:44:27 Dr Craig Norris

So, yeah, when Council also did the 1951 movie The Fat Man of this radio play. So yeah, it's it's a really interesting and rich piece.

00:44:38 Dr Craig Norris

It's a lot of fun to listen to. I'll. I'll play. I've got an excerpt of the Fat Man I want to play a little bit.

00:44:47 Dr Craig Norris

Longer because as we were talking about one of the things that we're looking at is how?

00:44:53 Dr Craig Norris

Introductions can be crafted so in previous sections we've talked about.

00:44:59 Dr Craig Norris

I should have the I should have a simpler list than what?

00:45:02 Dr Craig Norris

I've put here, but anyway, you know, you've gotta hook the listeners attention, so it should last only about 10 seconds or so.

00:45:10 Dr Craig Norris

Which I think that.

00:45:12 Dr Craig Norris

Wasn't too long. No, it should include include voice, include, voice, music, sound effects, and episode information.

00:45:22 Dr Craig Norris

So we had voice, you know, so the setup is.

00:45:26 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Look at him going into the drug store. That's.

00:45:31 Dr Craig Norris

Still getting very much that mocking derogatory tone of yeah, the narrator saying he's watching this fat guy go into the drugstore to weigh himself. He weighs himself and then the tag line is.

00:45:48 Dr Craig Norris

It's what is it? It's it's, you know, he weighs X number of pounds.

00:45:55 Dr Craig Norris

Diagnosis. Murder. Some phrase. What was it again then there's music and sound effects. There's certainly the sound.

00:46:02 Dr Craig Norris

Effects of the scale.

00:46:03 Dr Craig Norris

There's music. And then yeah, it kind of sets up. This is the episode, so it do.

00:46:11 Dr Craig Norris

You. How did you think about do?

00:46:12 Dr Craig Norris

You think that so you you had established?

00:46:15 Dr Craig Norris

This genre did you get the feeling of the detective show?

00:46:17 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Yeah. Yeah, I guess so, yeah. Yeah.

00:46:21 Dr Craig Norris

Uh characters all fat men, obviously.

00:46:27 Dr Craig Norris

Yes it is.

00:46:30 Dr Craig Norris

Alright, we'll look. We'll listen to a slightly longer piece.

00:46:32 Dr Craig Norris

I'll I've got to.

00:46:33 Dr Craig Norris

Queue it up.

00:46:33 Speaker 9

Freshing medium mothership and feel the difference.

00:46:39 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. There you go there.

00:46:40 Speaker 10

There's a there's a lot.

00:46:41 Dr Craig Norris

Of things here. Hold on, this is.

00:46:44 Dr Craig Norris

Oops, sorry. Yep.

00:46:49 Dr Craig Norris

OK, hold on this. This is going to play. Yeah. Here we go here. Alright. I gotta Fast forward a bit.

00:46:59 Speaker 8

To the memories. The all pervasive ghosts of Washington. But for those of us two brings history to life tonight on ABC.

00:47:01 Speaker 7

It's different cure.

00:47:02 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I I can tell.

00:47:06 Dr Craig Norris

Alright, alright, so this is this is. This is from a radio piece of the Fat Man and what I want us to listen to is can we get the genre and tone from this?

00:47:17 Dr Craig Norris

One of the characters.

00:47:18 Dr Craig Norris

How is voice used music and sound effect used?

00:47:22 Dr Craig Norris

So setting it up.

00:47:25 Speaker 7

There he goes, he stepping on the scale. Wait 237 pounds.

00:47:34 Speaker 5

Fortune danger. Who is it?

00:47:44 Speaker 10

Brad Runyon, the fat man.

00:48:02 Speaker 10

Crime like death in Texas is always with us.

00:48:05 Speaker 10

As long as they're crooked, politician was an ambitious racket. Guys. The answer will be great.

00:48:12 Speaker 10

Rich women continue to be careless with their jewels. They'll be headline robberies and until somebody can change human nature, hatred in a heart and a gun in a hand will always add up to.

00:48:37 Speaker 8

American Broadcasting Company brings you, in part, transcribed the adventures of Brad Runyon, the Fat Man starring Jay Scott, Smart and exciting and fast moving criminologist who tips the scales at 237 pounds. Tonight's adventure order or more.

00:48:56 Dr Craig Norris

Right. Then it goes into the story.

00:48:58 Dr Craig Norris

Did you think of the music?

00:49:01 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Would fit with sort of like the time of it I guess, and it it was sort of half spooky I guess.

00:49:10 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, that kind of horn. Yeah, they had. Yeah. Anything else? Stand outs that you enjoyed or didn't enjoy? Is it a good entry? You think? You think you'd listen to more?

00:49:20 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Don't listen to more.

00:49:22 Dr Craig Norris

It's unusual having it with watching him weigh himself.

00:49:27 Dr Craig Norris

And then scale and in.

00:49:28 Dr Craig Norris

The sense that he's a investigative detective.

00:49:31 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Was it common practise to weigh yourself and then get your fortune?

00:49:35 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, it's because he.

00:49:36 Dr Craig Norris

Gets his. That's what the claim is. That it? Yeah, that's the setup. Like he weighs himself and then his fortune comes. Maybe it was on a scale where the fortune appears. After you weigh yourself.

00:49:47 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, I don't know if that was common or not. We have an SMS that's come through. Does that answer?

00:49:51 Speaker 5

Oh, OK for us.

00:49:54 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I don't know what you read.

00:49:55 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah. Yeah, really.

00:49:55 Lord Taylor Lidstone

It out. OK. Where can you find the episodes of the Fat Man radio show? I really want to get into this now. The music is awesome. That's true.


Yeah, it is good.

00:50:03 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, you can get to it from a couple of ways. The Internet Archive is a fantastic repository of public domain stuff, including the fat man, tonnes of other radio dramas. Surprisingly, there's tonnes of it on YouTube as well, so a lot of.

00:50:19 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Well, yeah, it would be out of copyright.

00:50:21 Dr Craig Norris

Yeah, definitely the.

00:50:23 Dr Craig Norris

Broadcast is so yeah, you can search for it on YouTube. Certainly that's where I found a lot of the fat man shows. I've been listening to.

00:50:31 Dr Craig Norris

To go to sleep at night.

00:50:34 Dr Craig Norris

A lot of murder.

00:50:35 Dr Craig Norris

Dreams coming up. Yeah, so Internet archive.

00:50:38 Dr Craig Norris

Is a great repository.

00:50:39 Dr Craig Norris

A great thing about Internet archive is often you'll find you can download some of that material as MP threes and put it on your phone as dual tones.

00:50:50 Dr Craig Norris

But I'm glad you liked the music, because what I'm gonna do now is gonna wrap up, and I'm gonna play my homage to the fat man, right? So this morning I put together a media mothership. Introduction in the style of the fat.

00:51:06 Dr Craig Norris

Then it goes for.

00:51:08 Dr Craig Norris

Like 4 minutes. It's completely breaks the best good introduction practises of 10 seconds, but what I'll.

00:51:17 Dr Craig Norris

Do is we'll play.

00:51:18 Dr Craig Norris

Out with that, thanks for listening to me and the ship. I've been doctor Craig.

00:51:22 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I've been Lou Taylor, yeah.

00:51:24 Lord Taylor Lidstone

I forgot which.

00:51:27 Dr Craig Norris

Which, yeah, yeah. And keep listening. We've got K pop. Unlimited next hour. What's what's playing on K?

00:51:35 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Pop Unlimited every song connects.

00:51:39 Dr Craig Norris

Ohh wow. So it'll be a bit.

00:51:40 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Of a story. Yeah. Yeah. And thanks to our texter.

00:51:43 Lord Taylor Lidstone

As well, yeah.

00:51:44 Dr Craig Norris

Thanks very much for. Yeah, I hope you enjoyed the the Fat Man series. Next week we'll be going into.

00:51:52 Dr Craig Norris

#8 of the top ten radio drama intros.

00:51:56 Lord Taylor Lidstone

With a little bit.

00:51:56 Dr Craig Norris

Of discussion. See if you can grab the Australian episodes as well, because I'm curious to see if family can detect any Australiana on the Australian fat man.

00:52:05 Lord Taylor Lidstone

Man, welcome to New York. And then there's like a cockatoo in the.

00:52:10 Dr Craig Norris

Background. The Magpies, the native birds active today.

00:52:16 Dr Craig Norris

Alright, so coming up now we have the media mothership, fat man intro. OK.


Don't let your stomach ruin your day.

00:52:31 Speaker 9

Listen to some refreshing media mothership and feel the difference.

00:52:37 Speaker 9

There he goes into that radio station.

00:52:39 Speaker 9

He's about to host the show.

00:52:43 Speaker 11

Showtime media mothership.

00:52:50 Speaker 1

Who is it?

00:52:52 Speaker 1

Doctor Craig and Lord Taylor.

00:53:09 Speaker 1

To most people, a radio show is a collection of sounds and word.

00:53:14 Speaker 1

But there's one programme I know of where the hosts explore the power and influence of media on our perception of reality.

00:53:22 Speaker 1

Every week they chat with creators, critics and fans of movies, TV shows, video games and more. In the first episode, for instance, you'll find the K pop.

00:53:34 Speaker 1

And cultural intermediaries interview and in another audio adventure, you can inspect the Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes radio dramas that are a unique creation of artificial intelligence. Don't miss these chat bot generated radio dramas gone wrong.

00:53:50 Speaker 11

That the show media mother.

00:53:52 Speaker 11

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You feel the difference?

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00:54:52 Speaker 9

That's right. When your stomachs upset, don't add to the upset. Take soothing media mothership and feel good again. And now from Hobart TAS Media Mothership hosted by Doctor.

00:55:04 Speaker 9

Craig and joined.

00:55:05 Speaker 9

By Lord Taylor.

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