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The Future of Storytelling: AI Chatbots and Postmodern Theory

Media Mothership is embarking upon experiments with Radio Drama scripts to generate new, transformed scripts and audio dramas. Through the use of ai chatbots, human editing and further human criticism, commentary and research we will be testing the limits and absurdities of hybrid ai-human storytelling.

Part one of the project aims to:

  • Explore how ai chatbots can generate texts that challenge the assumptions and values associated with modernism, such as objective reality, rationality, progress, and originality.

  • Use postmodern theory as a framework to analyse and critique the texts generated by ai chatbots, as well as the process of generating them.

  • Apply the concepts of deconstruction, power, knowledge, and incredulity toward metanarratives from key postmodern theorists such as Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, and Jean-François Lyotard to the texts generated by ai chatbots.

A note about copyright

As covered by fair use and fair dealing laws, limited use of copyrighted material without permission is permissible for purposes such as criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

In addition to the criticism, commentary and research we are applying to these works, the new radio drama scripts inspired by the source material have undergone significant transformation from the originals. As covered by transformative use, our new works add new elements and change the original work's meaning or message. The resulting transformed works are significantly different for the original works and are not intended to infringe upon the original works copyright.

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