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How AI Bots Made and Broke Music on Spotify.

Updated: May 22, 2023

Transcript. Media Mothership Episode "How AI Bots Made and Broke Music on Spotify, and Other Media Madness" - 2023-5-12

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There's nothing wrong with your radio.


Do not attempt to adjust the volume.


We are controlling the broadcaster.


For the next hour, we will control all that you hear.

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You are about to experience the knowledge and insights of the media mothership.

00:00:18 Dr Craig

Ohh wow. We are on air on iHeartRadio media mothership. This is Doctor Craig joined as was by Lord Taylor. Hey Lord Taylor, hey.

00:00:31 Dr Craig

And we're.

00:00:33 Dr Craig

Broadcasting, as always out of Edge Radio Studios in Nepal, Luna, Hobart TAS.

00:00:40 Dr Craig

Just looking around the studio because this is our second attempt to start the show, the first attempt just playing music cause allegedly the system likes just resetting and keeping us on our feet, so we're back. Well, yes, yeah. Now, finally. So we're streaming of course over a number of platforms.

00:00:53 Lord Taylor

We're here.

00:00:59 Dr Craig dot AU YouTube.

00:01:02 Dr Craig

And Twitch as well as on the FM.

00:01:05 Dr Craig

System you can reach out to us if you want to do a bit of interactivity by SMS thing us on 0488811707 or leaving a comment in the chat. Actually I I can't look at the chat moment.

00:01:25 Dr Craig

I'll try to get.

00:01:26 Dr Craig

That up at some.

00:01:27 Dr Craig

Point today's topic is going to.

00:01:30 Dr Craig

Be a survey of Bizarro.

00:01:31 Dr Craig

Absurdist media news pieces that I've come across that touch upon.

00:01:39 Dr Craig

Media pop culture.

00:01:40 Dr Craig

So it's just.

00:01:41 Dr Craig

Gonna be a.

00:01:42 Dr Craig

A week in review of deep diving into media absurdity.

00:01:49 Dr Craig

Here on media mothership, welcome back comedian mothership. This is Doctor Craig, joined by Will Taylor. Hey, I think we can do the whole routine again. So the first article I want to go over is from titled the Throwaway Simpsons.

00:02:09 Dr Craig

Mine that has ruined little women for a generation.

00:02:14 Dr Craig

And the scene that it's talking.

00:02:15 Dr Craig

About is from Simpsons where.

00:02:22 Dr Craig

Mo is revealed to have a a kind of second life where he reads books to the homeless and there's this throw a side gag which has him reading the end of little women. So I'll play that clip now.

00:02:44 Dr Craig

To get us.

00:02:44 Dr Craig

In the mood?

00:02:46 Speaker 5

And then they realised they were no longer little girls.

00:02:51 Speaker 4

They were little women.

00:02:54 Dr Craig

And you know, Moe's kind of sniffling at the end. And it's this kind of, you know.

00:02:59 Dr Craig

Playing against what we think his character is as the main kind of grizzled bartender, and here he has this soft, sweet, innocent part.

00:03:07 Dr Craig

But as you're here.

00:03:08 Dr Craig

I'll play it again, he says.

00:03:09 Speaker 5

And then they realised they were no longer little girls.

00:03:14 Speaker 5

They were little women.

00:03:15 Dr Craig

So he gets you, he realises that there were no longer little girls that were little women and that that's the kind of last page he's reading from the book little limit.

00:03:25 Dr Craig

It turns out this article in Cracked was talking, referring to a tweet that went out by this guy called Kevin Magnets, who goes.

00:03:36 Dr Craig

Is one of the best so and they realised they were no longer little girls they.

00:03:41 Dr Craig

Were little women.

00:03:41 Dr Craig

And he says it's one of the best Simpson jokes of all time because.

00:03:45 Dr Craig

I and a number of.

00:03:46 Dr Craig

Other people are so illiterate that we think the joke is just Mo crying and that's actually how the book little women ends the line.

00:03:57 Dr Craig

They realised they were no longer little girls. They were little women and of course it's not the end. But that is not how the end.

00:04:07 Dr Craig

But because The Simpsons, of course, has such a powerful media mothership capacity right for many people, The Simpsons is the media mothership through which they understand so much around them.

00:04:20 Dr Craig

That people who have not read.

00:04:23 Dr Craig

Little women think that that's actually the end of little women. You're in a very comfortable position like.

00:04:31 Lord Taylor

A host, sorry.

00:04:32 Dr Craig

Your your headphones are not working at all.

00:04:34 Dr Craig

Lately, so the the piece goes on to talk about how that tweet got posted and then people were confessing. Yeah, we thought that was how little.

00:04:43 Dr Craig

Women ended as well with the line. They were little women. They were. They were no longer little.

00:04:49 Dr Craig

Girls, they were little women.

00:04:54 Dr Craig

There's a number of other references like.

00:04:55 Dr Craig

They will do the cane from Citizen Kane. Other people started posting up The Simpsons references to popular memes, which which didn't quite work.

00:05:07 Dr Craig

So the whole the whole scene, I mean this is a clip that sets up the whole scene, which I'll I'll get people.

00:05:11 Speaker 6

What's wrong, Jeremiah?

00:05:13 Dr Craig

To listen to.

00:05:13 Speaker 4

It's not fair. My brother Joseph has a.

00:05:16 Speaker 4

Syndicate fess I wish I had one too.

00:05:19 Speaker 6

Don't you see? You do have a said to confess the sin of envy.


That's all well and good for sheep, but what are we to do?


Boring. Let's watch something else.

00:05:35 Dr Craig

Now, boys, Mr Simpson is.

00:05:37 Dr Craig

The guest he gets to.

00:05:38 Speaker 5

Decide what to watch, yeah.


Hey, what gives? I thought you had a satellite dish.

00:05:46 Dr Craig

Sure. Diddly do. Over 230 channels locked out.

00:05:50 Speaker 4

OK, boys, time for bed. Say goodnight.

00:05:56 Speaker 6

Ohh uncle Homer, dad, since you.


Can hear me?

00:06:07 Dr Craig

Smooth. You're listening to me? Your mothership on edge. Radio 99.3. Hogwarts. I wanna do. I'll play this. This is the Hogwarts legacy video game. And to again and nurse.

00:06:24 Dr Craig

That's what that means. Here's a.

00:06:25 Dr Craig

Short clip from the trailer.

00:06:29 Speaker 4

In light of your unique situation, joining us as a fifth year, we've devised something extraordinary to ensure your success.

00:06:42 Speaker 4

A lot to absorb on your first day.

00:06:45 Speaker 4

Can't believe I'm here.

00:06:48 Speaker 7

Professor Wisley has asked that your professors give you instruction outside of the ordinary curriculum.

00:06:57 Speaker 4

You have much to learn.

00:07:00 Lord Taylor

You have the best.

00:07:02 Dr Craig

All right. So that's the video game Hogwarts legacy. And this, of course, is based on the Wizarding World universe established by JK Rowling, which we we ourselves has contributed to. Oh yes, with our own Harry Potter, a drama. If you go back 767.

00:07:23 Dr Craig

To enjoy that bit of golden radio drama creation, this is the video game, of course. Hogwarts legacy, and this article is talking about how it's super.

00:07:35 Dr Craig

15 million sales, so it's sold over 50 million copies and grossed over $1 billion worldwide in less than the three months since it's been released.

00:07:47 Dr Craig

Yeah, you've got it. Have.

00:07:48 Dr Craig

You you've. Yeah. What's the setup? You're it's it's a prequel space that you're in, right? Like an early.

00:07:56 Dr Craig

Imagining it's not got Dumbledore, it's got Harry got those characters we know nor does.

00:08:01 Dr Craig

It have the.

00:08:03 Dr Craig

Fantastic Beast characters, it's.

00:08:04 Lord Taylor

No, no, no. It's got it's got some last names that you'd recognise, for example. For example, there's a Weasley in charge of Hogwarts, but.

00:08:17 Lord Taylor

I'm not surprised at this news, I guess because it's it. It is a good game. It is a really well put together.

00:08:23 Dr Craig

Game well the the games.

00:08:26 Dr Craig

Not cheap either, right? the US or $70?

00:08:27 Lord Taylor

No, no.

00:08:31 Lord Taylor

Just for the base version as.

00:08:33 Dr Craig

Well, right. There's DLC that then up that.

00:08:37 Dr Craig

Further or.

00:08:37 Lord Taylor

Yeah, there's there's, like, special editions which give you, like, you know, flying mounts which look different and stuff in game.

00:08:43 Dr Craig


00:08:44 Dr Craig

Yeah, it's not is it, is it? I've not played it. Is it an MMO or a single?

00:08:50 Lord Taylor

Player single player.

00:08:51 Dr Craig

Isn't that interesting cause you you'd assume it would be MMO or or have a like a GTA combination of of single player and open world. But it's only single player which, yeah.

00:09:03 Lord Taylor

Only single player and the developers have come out and said it will only ever be a.

00:09:07 Lord Taylor

Single player.

00:09:07 Dr Craig

Really. Why do you think that is?

00:09:09 Lord Taylor

I I think because, well, well they said it because a lot of people saying, why isn't it multiplayer? But I don't. I think it might be like too difficult to.

00:09:20 Lord Taylor

Sort of like have it online for as long as it's gonna need to be online for because it will be popular for.

00:09:27 Lord Taylor

A while I think.

00:09:27 Dr Craig

It might be difficult also to control the narrative in an MMO space. That is, that people will, you know, emergent gameplay will dictate that it will quickly straight into non core.

00:09:30 Lord Taylor

Control the narrative.

00:09:41 Dr Craig

Harry Potter or I guess this is Harry Potter. This is the Hogwarts space.

00:09:50 Dr Craig

Meaning that you'll have, you know, prostitutes being beaten up for money within no time. OK, so.

00:09:57 Dr Craig

I'm here to the kids.

00:09:59 Dr Craig

I know the taxi missions they have to do so very expensive game. The reason why I'm I'm making this article to again link it back to our shows title media mothership.

00:10:10 Dr Craig

Is that it is decentering what the mothership is of the Harry Potter universe, because the article goes on to talk about how this has now this is now kind of the main money generator.

00:10:23 Dr Craig

Of the Hogwarts licence that that game has sold so much that it's far exceeded the previous sales of the other mediums that Harry Potter came out.

00:10:37 Lord Taylor

Until the TV series comes out.

00:10:39 Dr Craig

Oh, is that right? What's the?

00:10:41 Dr Craig

Story behind that coming out. You're you're part.

00:10:43 Lord Taylor

There's a TV series coming out.

00:10:47 Dr Craig

Of the dealings there, right?

00:10:48 Dr Craig

Yeah. Yeah, right. So it'd be interesting to see, although you know, I do think that video games since GTA5, I think.

00:10:57 Dr Craig

Was the biggest selling media product of that year.

00:11:00 Speaker 6


00:11:01 Dr Craig

At least there's been a recognition that you know, the mothership of sales volume or or money is not necessarily the film or the TV or the book. It's the video game as in.

00:11:17 Dr Craig

This case.

00:11:17 Lord Taylor

The thing is, with Hogwarts legacy, I think people might have like bought it because it's like new Harry Potter content sort of theme come.

00:11:24 Lord Taylor

Out and then gradually realised my computer's not gonna.

00:11:29 Lord Taylor

Play this, yeah.

00:11:30 Dr Craig

Does your computer play it in any way?

00:11:33 Lord Taylor

It does very just just because. Yeah, it's on the lower settings. I've got like a 12 year old graphics card which still runs it, but it was the top at the time.

00:11:36 Dr Craig

You're on, like. Is that on the low settings?

00:11:44 Speaker 6

That's good.

00:11:50 Lord Taylor

So it still can run on older soft older hardware but.

00:11:53 Dr Craig

But yes.

00:11:55 Dr Craig

Just and it's good enough. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

00:11:58 Dr Craig

Yeah. So it is interesting given that I guess they're they're saying, yeah, it's sold so much, but part of to weigh that against, of course, is that the other platforms that Hogwarts or I guess this universe is released on your books.

00:12:13 Dr Craig

And movies are are a much cheaper.

00:12:16 Dr Craig

Entry fee. Yeah, yeah.

00:12:18 Dr Craig

Again, this article points out $10 US for the films when they were released.

00:12:24 Dr Craig

So yeah, it's not really measuring apples to apples.

00:12:31 Dr Craig

But you know.

00:12:33 Dr Craig

It hasn't yet. Well, it just released. I think there's just released on the PS4 and Xbox One over this week.

00:12:40 Dr Craig

And it hasn't gone on switch yet. That that's soon so. So sales well if they can get it on the switch, yeah, it does speak to the fact that they.

00:12:45 Lord Taylor

I don't think it's gonna play on the switch, honestly.

00:12:52 Dr Craig

Then down down that.

00:12:53 Lord Taylor

But there are so many things that don't work on the switch.

00:12:58 Dr Craig

Yeah, but they are releasing it on.

00:13:00 Dr Craig

The switch, yeah.

00:13:02 Dr Craig

Right. So we will be in a.

00:13:03 Dr Craig

Abridged version like not.

00:13:06 Lord Taylor

No, I think I think I.

00:13:07 Lord Taylor

Think they will sort of like sort of half a bridge it, but it still won't operate well on the switch because I mean.

00:13:14 Lord Taylor

The Pokemon Unite that doesn't work on my Switch Kingdom Hearts that doesn't work on my switch either. It it will, it does work like it opens but it's unplayable, literally unplayable.

00:13:25 Dr Craig

Why do you how does it get not returned and refunded?

00:13:29 Lord Taylor

Well, most people do.

00:13:31 Dr Craig

But you didn't.

00:13:32 Lord Taylor

Yeah, cause if you buy it online, you can't.

00:13:35 Dr Craig

That's a scam, but it's unplayable. So what you mean it's unplayable?

00:13:39 Dr Craig

Like surely them they must have released it in a fashion that at least it has some playability.

00:13:45 Lord Taylor

The thing is the what's it called?

00:13:49 Lord Taylor

The Wi-Fi that goes into the switch is really, really slow because the switch hardware can't process it very fast at all. So for example, even if you've got like a.

00:14:01 Lord Taylor

2 gigabyte per second connexion.

00:14:04 Lord Taylor

It can still like if you're downloading a game, it can still take two or three days to download it because it can't put it onto the.

00:14:11 Lord Taylor

Memory card that fast.

00:14:13 Dr Craig

Right, right.

00:14:15 Lord Taylor

Yeah. And then that sort of goes into like online multiplayer games such as Pokemon Unite. It just doesn't update fast enough.

00:14:24 Lord Taylor

For it to.

00:14:24 Dr Craig

Work so online there must be so many complaints. Yeah. And and that's not good for a platform to have, you know, releases that are just bombed on it. So yeah, it's a bit head scratching there. Why they're doing it on the swim.

00:14:41 Dr Craig

Which a cynic would say it's just a money grabbing exercise.

00:14:46 Lord Taylor

And Kingdom Hearts is even worse because I can't remember the way that they do it, but they stream the game to your switch.

00:14:58 Dr Craig

So it's dreamed.

00:15:00 Lord Taylor

It's it's something like it's weird, it's.

00:15:02 Dr Craig

So not.

00:15:02 Dr Craig

Actually downloaded, it's not in the memory of the.

00:15:07 Lord Taylor

No, not for the newest release, which is #3.

00:15:10 Dr Craig

I think which would.

00:15:10 Lord Taylor

Thank you.

00:15:11 Dr Craig

Slow down the game. Yeah, if you're playing, it's 3.

00:15:16 Dr Craig

It's. Yeah. Yeah. OK. Well, we'll look into that. We, we will investigate that. The other interesting part of Hogwarts legacy, of course, is that it was released in the aftermath.

00:15:26 Dr Craig

As the article goes on to say of the controversy surrounding JK Rowling's history of transphobic remarks, but.

00:15:34 Dr Craig

These strong sales seem to suggest that it's it's had very little negative impact on the games popularity that you know people were, there was a lot of hand reading in terms of.

00:15:46 Dr Craig

When an author or an artist of content you've enjoyed reveals themselves to be someone that you don't share beliefs their values with.

00:16:00 Dr Craig

Whether or not you can continue consuming their material.

00:16:04 Lord Taylor

And I know a lot of people.

00:16:07 Lord Taylor

Well, that I've seen on Twitter anyway, who don't even have a platform to play the game on, bought it to support her.

00:16:15 Dr Craig

What they to like? Like politically? Yeah. They actually were kind of transphobic themselves or supporting her transphobic statements.

00:16:27 Dr Craig

And in a way of solidarity, they were buying the.

00:16:32 Dr Craig

Game the game they couldn't play. Gee. Right. Wow. Yeah. So again, politics and popular culture.

00:16:41 Dr Craig

But maybe As for Co, says the.

00:16:43 Dr Craig

Author is dead anyway.

00:16:45 Dr Craig

The author is.

00:16:45 Dr Craig

Dead. So you know there's meaning reside in the author JK Rowling. Or does it reside in the text?

00:16:51 Dr Craig

You know that is that you can divorce the text from the author and unpack the the text itself.

00:16:58 Dr Craig

The author is dead. Some reason I just like that phrase.

00:17:05 Speaker 8

Do do do do.


Do do.

00:17:09 Dr Craig

I need a little button.

00:17:11 Dr Craig

Like in in some like the image you have.

00:17:14 Dr Craig

Of a radio.

00:17:15 Dr Craig

Booth. Is that the DJ has buttons. They press for the cat sound.

00:17:18 Dr Craig

For the font sound.

00:17:24 Dr Craig

We well, you know, we do actually have a little Rd cars here. That's radio and someone programmed all the six hot buttons as various cat sounds.

00:17:34 Dr Craig

And I've been told by Hannah, we're not removing those.

00:17:34 Lord Taylor

That's brilliant.

00:17:38 Dr Craig

They're there because they.

00:17:40 Dr Craig

Allegedly there was some fundraiser we were doing that was cat themed or an outside broadcast.

00:17:45 Dr Craig

That was the cat place, and since then it's really become, you know, part of the furniture. But yeah, here in studio, we don't have hot buttons in terms of.

00:17:55 Dr Craig

I'd love one that I could programme.

00:17:56 Lord Taylor

You can get one on your laptop.

00:17:58 Speaker 4


00:17:59 Lord Taylor

Yeah, one that does not like samples.

00:18:02 Dr Craig

Ohh, maybe I set up as a fundraiser help Craig figure out how to put a.

00:18:06 Dr Craig

Hot button.

00:18:07 Lord Taylor

I'll just tell you how to do.

00:18:08 Lord Taylor

It after the show. Wow.

00:18:13 Dr Craig

Happy sounds. You'll listen. Today's radio here, media mothership, bizarre news, the International Olympic Committee. The IOC has added Fortnite to the Olympic esports finals lineup, which will feature a special shooting competition on a fortnight.

00:18:31 Dr Craig

Freedom Islands so bizarre, like everyone's outraged at this number of levels of outrage.

00:18:36 Dr Craig

Outrage one was that the initial announcements by the Olympic E sports.

00:18:42 Dr Craig

Series 2023 was met with incredulity because all the games they were referencing weren't E Sport games. That is, they were games that basically replicated existing Olympic sports cycling. There was a couple of others.

00:19:02 Dr Craig

There's chess for some reason, but they're not considered. You know, how can you claim Olympic esport without actually having any? What the popular?

00:19:12 Dr Craig

Audience would consider E sports, you know, counter strike. So Fortnite's been announced as being part of the International Olympic Committee.

00:19:15 Lord Taylor

That's fine, yeah.

00:19:21 Dr Craig

Now, this isn't the Olympics Olympics. You know, the one that was in Tokyo previously and the one which we'll be going to France next. I want to say next Olympics is in.

00:19:30 Dr Craig

Let's award that to France.

00:19:31 Lord Taylor

No idea.

00:19:33 Dr Craig

Well done. Thank you, France. Anyway, this is not for that. This is for a separate thing called the Olympic E Sports Series 22, which is having this year in Singapore.

00:19:43 Dr Craig

But they have announced Fortnite is in it, which everyone thought was great. They finally get it in terms of, yeah, esports should mean reasonably popular pop, yeah, but the everyone's kind of said that it's even worse because it's not Fortnite per say. It's not the game that people would be familiar with. It's a stand alone.

00:20:03 Dr Craig

Little thing.

00:20:04 Dr Craig

In what's called the Fortnite Creative Island, which is a shooting competition. Ohh, right. So so you don't. You're not doing a third person battle Royale Fortnite competition, you're.

00:20:14 Lord Taylor

They're just making it into a valerian counter strike.

00:20:16 Dr Craig

Shooting event.

00:20:18 Dr Craig

I don't know. Yeah, it seems. I mean and people have said that.

00:20:22 Dr Craig

Yeah, it's met with equal incredulity. So, yeah. What's this space? It's very interesting. In terms of big institutions. Co opting.

00:20:32 Dr Craig

And popularist movements like E Sports, which which has gone through many iterations and has now received quite a bit of normality. Right. There's there's documentaries on SBS every year that talk about the esport farms of.

00:20:52 Dr Craig

You know, horrible living conditions as kids want to make their way up into competitive.

00:20:56 Dr Craig

E sport.

00:20:56 Dr Craig

Is that something that happens in Korea?

00:20:59 Lord Taylor

Sounds right.

00:21:02 Dr Craig

Yeah. So the IC have joined up on this, but it seems, yeah.

00:21:04 Lord Taylor

Not sure about the farms they've got, like specialist schools.

00:21:07 Dr Craig

Yeah, yeah, which sounds like, yeah. Drill camps. Yeah, that sounds fun. You're not playing video games and saying my life is great.

00:21:15 Dr Craig

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sounds stressful. That's yeah, that's. That's a weird piece about, I don't know, just how out of touch, I guess.

00:21:26 Dr Craig

The idea of E sports and also what that E sports thing means in different ways than. I guess the reason the Olympics chose those boring sports was because it replicated existing narratives of Olympic competition. But you know.

00:21:43 Dr Craig

Again, the fact that no.

00:21:44 Dr Craig

One actually agreed with that.

00:21:53 Dr Craig

Spotify so Spotify has purged AI, made songs, listened to by AI bots. So this is a article in this mondo talking about how Spotify has removed 10s of thousands of songs from its platform that were created by.

00:22:13 Dr Craig

An AI music startup company called Boomi and it's due to the suspected artificial streaming by bots. So basically it's a it's a.

00:22:24 Dr Craig

It's a doubled up double dipped AI.

00:22:30 Dr Craig

Thing where these are songs created by AI, the Boomi app. Right. And so boomi allows users.

00:22:40 Dr Craig

As the article.

00:22:40 Dr Craig

Says to generate songs based on different styles of vibes.

00:22:46 Dr Craig

And then do you have like a vibe choice and then upload them to streaming services where they can earn royalties?

00:22:52 Lord Taylor

Yeah, it basically automatically uploads it. So when you go into the site and you make your little song up, you can.

00:22:57 Lord Taylor

You can then input your details and they'll pay you royalties depending on how many people listen.

00:23:02 Dr Craig

To it. Yeah, which sounds great, right? But as Spotify.

00:23:06 Dr Craig

Has flagged some people have been using the bots to inflate the listener numbers and manipulate the system.

00:23:14 Dr Craig

And as part of I was actually alerted to this by the Universal Music Group, which is a huge record label because they became suspicious of activity that the boomy tracks were doing.

00:23:26 Dr Craig

That is that, you know, it seemed that they were creating bots to just listen to the music on playlists.

00:23:34 Dr Craig

So it was just a never ending loop of listenership, and with royalties coming through, so it was basically all fake. It was bots creating music to be listened by bots.

00:23:47 Dr Craig

And so Spotify has taken down only 7% of boomi songs, but that's 7%. As amounted to 10s of thousands of tracks, it's inconceivable that 10s of thousands is 7%.

00:24:02 Dr Craig

Of boomy tracks.

00:24:06 Lord Taylor

But yeah, why those particular one?

00:24:08 Dr Craig

You've got 93% of Boomi tracks are still out there and then only 7% of those they're flagged as having, you know, a being a of course created by AI, but then only being listened to by AI.

00:24:23 Dr Craig

So yeah, it's.

00:24:24 Dr Craig

Look, you wanna listen to one of these songs because you, you've you've.

00:24:27 Dr Craig

Dabbled in that and you said they're they're.

00:24:29 Dr Craig

Not the best.

00:24:29 Dr Craig

No. So let's see, not the best. This is actually my. It's from YouTube and the title of the YouTube track is my third good song on Boomie exclamation mark by Geek Guardian. So we'll just play a little bit. So we're not flagged.

00:24:43 Lord Taylor

Here we go, geek guardian.

00:24:46 Dr Craig

Starting up, just pressing the play on the.

00:24:55 Dr Craig

Yep. So that, that that was, I don't know what the vibe was. He chose for that. Yeah. So you just made on boomie.

00:25:05 Dr Craig

Don't stop posting vids, that's the comment underneath it. So got a listener, so yeah, that's that's on Spotify with them purging 10s of thousands of AI songs, listened to only by other AI bots but generating royalties.

00:25:19 Dr Craig

For the human.

00:25:20 Dr Craig

And and yeah, even though the vetted 10s of thousands, it's only 3% of the entirety of. And that's not the entirety of.

00:25:28 Lord Taylor

Little 7%.

00:25:30 Dr Craig

Yeah, sorry, 7%, that's right. 93% of Boomies songs are still up. So for your boomy fans out there still at 27%, which potentially it says here weren't listening by anyone except.

00:25:45 Dr Craig

For bots, those poor bots now.

00:25:48 Dr Craig

Well, yeah, my.

00:25:49 Speaker 4

Playlist is gone.

00:25:51 Dr Craig

But I have no true emotions.

00:25:54 Dr Craig

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you've you've made some stuff through.

00:25:58 Lord Taylor

****** yeah, I made one song through.

00:26:00 Dr Craig

Boomie did you get any?

00:26:03 Dr Craig

AI listening to agenda?

00:26:05 Lord Taylor

I didn't post it anywhere cause it was so rubbish. It was like there's no point. I'm gonna like, put my name to this.

00:26:11 Dr Craig

What was it that I mean? You're very talented. You've got your YouTube page, you've got the one that sounds like a Smurfs song underwater. Well worth to listen to. But boomie, you just found it was a.

00:26:22 Dr Craig

Little too limiting.

00:26:24 Lord Taylor

Well, it's like that.

00:26:25 Dr Craig


00:26:26 Lord Taylor

And then you've got no control over it.

00:26:29 Dr Craig

So you're just prompting it to generate.

00:26:31 Lord Taylor

It's. Yeah, you just like click little buttons and it says do you want it to be more? I can't even think of what it was, but it was. Yeah. More vibe or less vibe or faster or slower. Yeah.

00:26:39 Dr Craig

Vibe like.

00:26:43 Dr Craig

Smurf 5.

00:26:45 Dr Craig

100 percent, 80% of 5.

00:26:47 Lord Taylor

Sure. Yes.

00:26:49 Dr Craig

SpongeBob vibe 10%. That's anyway, I could imagine pipes working referencing children's cartoon.

00:26:55 Dr Craig

Characters give me.

00:26:57 Dr Craig

Give me a 10% sponge, Bob, a 30% Smurf. And you know what are we up to 60% here, man.

00:27:03 Lord Taylor

You have to think another one now.

00:27:07 Speaker 6

That would rock.

00:27:09 Dr Craig

You know he man bringing a bit of guitar.

00:27:11 Dr Craig

Smurfs doing a bit of flute and then sponge.

00:27:14 Dr Craig

Bob, with that kind of.

00:27:15 Dr Craig

I don't know calypso drum beat.

00:27:17 Lord Taylor

Yeah. Fantastic.

00:27:19 Dr Craig

If you're out there.

00:27:19 Dr Craig

Listening, go ahead and make that.

00:27:22 Lord Taylor

And don't send it in.

00:27:24 Dr Craig

Online media mothership on Edge Radio 99.3.

00:27:32 Dr Craig

Because that's a great.

00:27:33 Dr Craig

Song. Do you reckon Boomi could?

00:27:34 Dr Craig

Come up with a as.

00:27:35 Dr Craig

A a good sting for us.

00:27:38 Lord Taylor

Not no, not as good as that.

00:27:41 Dr Craig

It's pretty good. The bluesy. Yeah, yeah.

00:27:46 Dr Craig

A Trigon fan account just turned a queer 2019 sci-fi novel into an Amazon bestseller. That's the Polygon title.

00:27:55 Dr Craig

What's interesting is I plug this into ChatGPT. I could summarise it. For some reason it came up with the title held 2019 sci-fi novel went viral viral via the power of anime ship.

00:28:06 Dr Craig

Boosting. OK, I don't know where I got that title from there, because that's not the.

00:28:10 Dr Craig

Title of the.

00:28:10 Dr Craig

Article right? I mean it's interesting because I mean ship posting is what what is ship posting.

00:28:18 Dr Craig

If we can say that word more.

00:28:21 Dr Craig

I mean it's.

00:28:21 Dr Craig

When you're posting like frivolous, meaningless content, often a meme and.

00:28:27 Lord Taylor

And yeah, it has no relevance to anything that's going on.

00:28:30 Dr Craig

And it's it's a strange article because it goes on talking about how basically it's it's a.

00:28:38 Dr Craig

It's a moderator for Trigon community, right? So it's a it's a. It's a niche pop culture fan group of the anime series. Try again.

00:28:46 Dr Craig

And one of the mods, called billus Nicholas Wolfwood.

00:28:52 Dr Craig

Which the article.

00:28:53 Dr Craig

Says it's probably a reason why this trended, because his name is funny. It's a Monty Python joke, right?

00:29:00 Lord Taylor

It's not. Ohh yeah, this isn't it.

00:29:03 Dr Craig

Yeah. Anyway posted it saying read this. Do not look up anything about it, just read it. It's only like 200 pages.

00:29:12 Dr Craig

You can download it on audible. It's only like 4 hours. Do it right now. I'm very, extremely serious and there's then a, you know, image of the book.

00:29:22 Dr Craig

Idle This is how you lose the time war.

00:29:26 Dr Craig

But this shitpost then triggered everyone in that community to read it right? So what had happened was that suddenly the author was trying to figure out why this novel from 2019 sci-fi novel that he wrote.

00:29:46 Dr Craig

Suddenly trending.

00:29:48 Dr Craig

And he tracked it down to this kind of meaningless post. Not meaningless. This kind of overly excited post by the Trigan mod guy on Twitter.

00:29:59 Dr Craig

That was the reason why I mean this book's good. It's run won.

00:30:03 Dr Craig

A series of.

00:30:04 Dr Craig

Awards the BSFA Award for Best short fiction.

00:30:08 Dr Craig

Nebula Award for best Novella for 2019-2020 Hugo Award for Best Novella, so it's very good and the author himself posted saying, you know, he's really happy that there's been a crossover fan.

00:30:22 Dr Craig

Times. Yeah, so it's worth. But it is this kind of weird thing about typically influences are like celebrities like it's.

00:30:31 Dr Craig

You know Bieber, Justin Bieber posting about listening to a track and saying, wow, this tracks great and then it goes very popular.

00:30:38 Dr Craig

It's not a mod for a try again community, you know, doing a kind of random post on his tweet. So I'm hoping media mother.

00:30:50 Dr Craig

Could somehow end up.

00:30:53 Speaker 6

I mean.

00:30:54 Dr Craig

For us, I think there's hope for us if.

00:30:56 Dr Craig

There's hope for a 2019 best selling novella.

00:30:59 Dr Craig

Mm-hmm. OK. We're not best selling in any year yet.


But we.

00:31:04 Dr Craig

Might be award winning in in in a future year. Someone might go back and then randomly post up a tweet.

00:31:11 Dr Craig

Saying, you know, listen to this. Do not look anything up about it.

00:31:15 Dr Craig

Just listen to it.

00:31:17 Dr Craig

Yeah, it's only one hour long that possibly will turn people off.

00:31:20 Lord Taylor

A little bit maybe.

00:31:22 Dr Craig

Ohh and it's maybe it's one of.

00:31:23 Dr Craig

Our shorts, which anything mentioning you seems to trend so you know it's only 10 seconds long or 30 seconds long. It's yeah.

00:31:23 Lord Taylor

Ohh yeah.

00:31:34 Dr Craig

I'll get chat GPD to do.

00:31:35 Dr Craig

I'm just doing an AI thing.

00:31:37 Dr Craig

And she and I talked to other AI's. It's not even involving humans, but it will trigger a metric on Google that will.

00:31:43 Dr Craig

Sent us skyrocketing with advertising.

00:31:47 Dr Craig

Which we don't do on community radio, exactly. So lose lose.

00:31:52 Lord Taylor

But everyone.

00:31:53 Dr Craig

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:32:01 Dr Craig

Like, it's like a marathon, like these little whistles were were at the halfway mark just over Polygon post. An interesting piece called can a I actually write good fanfic?

00:32:14 Dr Craig

And the reason I was interested in this article was because we've been doing using AI to write bad radio drums.

00:32:22 Dr Craig

Sorry, what? We've been using AI to.

00:32:26 Dr Craig

Push the limits of radio drones.

00:32:29 Lord Taylor

OK. Better. Yeah, that's better.

00:32:31 Dr Craig

To get people yourself banned, see.

00:32:35 Dr Craig

Using is that ban permanent? Are you, as people would know, the drama of using ChatGPT tale last week in the, you know, ground breaking interview we did with ChatGPT got himself banned as a result of creating that drama. Are you still banned? Unbanned.

00:32:52 Dr Craig

Ohh wow really. So it was a.

00:32:54 Dr Craig

Timed ban it must.

00:32:55 Dr Craig

Have been, yeah, or maybe it was the pressure fandom.

00:32:59 Dr Craig

Brought to that GBT.

00:33:02 Lord Taylor

Everyone rang ChatGPT. Yeah.

00:33:04 Dr Craig

Yeah, well, you know, I posted on Twitter after posting on Twitter. Sorry, TikTok, no YouTube shorts.

00:33:12 Speaker 4

All the socials.

00:33:14 Dr Craig

I posted there like 3 or 4 shorts this week and I I prioritised the one featuring me.

00:33:24 Dr Craig

They they got.

00:33:25 Dr Craig

Like single digits.

00:33:27 Dr Craig

And then I posted. I thought I'll I'll give. I'll give this one of Taylor a a spin, which was Taylor gets banned.

00:33:34 Dr Craig

I think that the headline was, you know, shocking truth revealed of Co hosts banning and that within two hours had over.

00:33:42 Dr Craig

I well had nearly 500 views. Now I think it's about 6-7 hundred.

00:33:47 Dr Craig

I didn't get it. Don't get it. Alright, maybe it actually has to have my emotional apathy. It's like, oh, this.

00:33:54 Dr Craig

This will hurt. This will hurt.

00:33:57 Dr Craig

So yeah. Yeah. So, OK, we've been doing a lot of AI stuff creating content so was very interested what this Polygon writer, who basically is a fan fiction writer. And they went through a number of AI chatbot engines with various prompts to create.

00:34:17 Dr Craig

Hand fix, right? So you know prompts of, you know, do a she didn't do a Zander.

00:34:23 Dr Craig

Uh and Spike crossover, which or or?

00:34:33 Dr Craig

Shipping and claims.

00:34:35 Lord Taylor

You say words don't. No.

00:34:37 Speaker 4

I do the Vampire Slayer.

00:34:41 Dr Craig

She did this. This was the sorry posted a lot of like, supernatural fan fictions, right? So basically, you know various shipping formulas to get the AI to create.

00:34:45 Lord Taylor


00:34:53 Dr Craig

And Vick and the results were very disappointing to her. I mean, I I had some questions about the overall piece because it didn't describe what the prompts were, and I'm finding more and more as I.

00:35:05 Dr Craig

Look into AI and chat bots. It comes down to prompts and and also the transparency of.

00:35:09 Lord Taylor

It really does.

00:35:13 Dr Craig

What your prompts are so the frustration with this article was that I couldn't tell whether she was using the same prompts across all those engines. How those prompts were very, very eating very easy. Did they use English or my word?

00:35:30 Dr Craig

Which are English adjacent anyway, so I think the method was a little unclear and untransparent, but one of the most interesting points was I felt that the in their opinion, the AI tools weren't very good.

00:35:46 Dr Craig

At producing fanfic because they tended to produce generic and in their words, clumsy and inaccurate stories that didn't reflect the diversity and nuance of the fandom, culture and preferences, and in particular it was because all the stories, even those that were directed towards creating.

00:36:08 Dr Craig

Shipping relationships always then re pivoted back to heterosexual norms of storytelling. So there there seem to be a complete lack of creativity and imagination and you know, ability to push the parameters with the fanfic pieces, which was interesting to me that yeah, it lacked that ability to actually generate.

00:36:32 Dr Craig

Convincing and interesting.

00:36:38 Dr Craig

You know, same same sex relationships which are which, you know, fan fictions are always more fascinating. I think when they do that kind of what if relationship or they they start bringing out some of those unconventional pairings or pairings which reveal quite a bit about the ideology within it like we should do a Sherlock and Watson.

00:36:57 Dr Craig

Piece. I'm sure there's tonnes of those would.

00:37:00 Dr Craig

Cheque GPT be able to create one?

00:37:03 Lord Taylor

I think I would if you.

00:37:05 Dr Craig

Told it to, but yeah, this this piece was talking about part of what you're also hitting up against are some of the protocols which these ChatGPT engines had.

00:37:15 Dr Craig

Which can mean you're kind of fighting against. I mean, obviously many of the fan fiction communities.

00:37:22 Dr Craig

Will have varying degrees of sexual content that they'll put in them, but the CHPD engine, for instance, won't create.

00:37:33 Dr Craig

Sexual encounters, graphic sexual encounters. Unless.

00:37:36 Lord Taylor

I've tried.

00:37:37 Dr Craig

I've read a paper, read it posts about people that have, you know, it's really.

00:37:43 Dr Craig

And hosting to read these Reddit posts in terms of those say, you know, you've got to you don't you can't train the GPT, what you do is you lead it down the path of then arriving at basically a graphic story.

00:37:56 Dr Craig

They may have recalibrated away from that. It's basically, you know, you start by talking about an encounter and then you you get to describe more and more about the encounter.

00:38:05 Dr Craig

And the prompts I saw were, you know.

00:38:08 Dr Craig

You get it to.

00:38:09 Dr Craig

I look, I'll go. I'll bring it up. I'm not going to try and remember what it was because I'll get it wrong.

00:38:14 Dr Craig

And it will sound awkward.

00:38:19 Dr Craig

But you know, I'm happy to to do a show topic. No, I'm not.

00:38:23 Lord Taylor

No, no, no. Yeah.

00:38:23 Dr Craig

Happy to do a.

00:38:24 Dr Craig

Show topic on on on that either.

00:38:35 Dr Craig

Yes, yes, so.

00:38:40 Dr Craig

Yeah, well, you know we've we've got about two minutes left.

00:38:46 Dr Craig

We don't, you know, in terms of content, we've got 2 minutes. So I'd like to bring us to a conclusion now, OK, with a new section I'm calling while I'm enjoying.

00:39:00 Dr Craig

I'll I'll put it through JT at one point, create a more interesting headline that says what I'm enjoying, what you're enjoying this week.

00:39:07 Dr Craig

So there was this interesting article I came across on ABC News talking about a about this show. I'll I'll play a little clip from it called jury duty, which is on Amazon Prime at the moment.

00:39:20 Dr Craig

Which is I think you described it like that comedy show the door one.

00:39:27 Lord Taylor

Like, thank God.

00:39:28 Dr Craig

You're here. Thank God you're here.

00:39:29 Dr Craig

Yeah, this one as opposed to thank.

00:39:31 Dr Craig

God, you're here where it was.

00:39:32 Dr Craig

All kind of comedians and more improv. This is a jury where all the other jurors.

00:39:42 Dr Craig

Are actors except for one and that one real person doesn't know that he's the only non.

00:39:48 Lord Taylor

An actor. So it's like, thank God you're here, but with a person that doesn't know.

00:39:52 Dr Craig

It doesn't. Yeah. Yeah. And so this they've completed the whole first season, it's getting some interest by various bloggers and TV critics pointing out how this shows.

00:39:53 Dr Craig

The person.

00:40:05 Dr Craig

You know nicely calibrated around not laughing at this one guy and he comes across as quite sweet and.

00:40:14 Dr Craig

And wholesome as he's trying to decipher the insanity of the jurors that are around him, which are obviously really dialled up to 11 in terms of various phobias and his our behaviour, they have what's his name? Marsden. Who was Cyclops from X-Men?

00:40:35 Lord Taylor

Oh yeah.

00:40:36 Dr Craig

Is in Westworld Sonic?

00:40:38 Lord Taylor

He's a good.

00:40:38 Lord Taylor

Actor. Yeah, like him.

00:40:39 Dr Craig

Yeah, he's playing himself. Of course, the actor.

00:40:43 Dr Craig

Who actor? The thespian, who's trying to get out of jury duty. But he's playing himself as a kind of hyped out, pretentious, you know, egotistical level.

00:40:54 Dr Craig

I'll play a.

00:40:55 Dr Craig

Bit of the.

00:40:55 Dr Craig

Trailer to give us a bit of a sense of.


What it is you are now the jury in the matter of Hill Grove versus.


When they say jury of your peers, I think that's.

00:41:05 Speaker 6

Accurate. How long does this normally take if you before?


I'm gonna ask you.


I'm a recognisable public figure.


Respectfully, I don't recognise you.


You're number 54.


I'm so happy to be.


Here I'm going to be upset if I.

00:41:24 Speaker 8

Don't get on the jury.


Me ready, guys. Here we go.

00:41:28 Speaker 8

Alright, so this is what happened.

00:41:29 Speaker 8

Allegedly you got defecation. There's a lady named Jacquees a minute.

00:41:36 Speaker 8

I'm in it.


Try to keep an eye.


I want to do the best job that.


I can.


What do people usually say when they're trying to?


Get out of this.


Saying Family Guy.


Wait, what was it me?

00:41:51 Speaker 8

Peter pretend to be racist.

00:41:53 Speaker 5

Would you be able to be a good juror?


For this matter.


I'm I'm racist.


Sir, please have a seat.


I don't know why I said that. Yeah. Yeah, totally. Yeah, that's stupid idea.


Eliminate that from the next time.


It's very busy.

00:42:13 Dr Craig

Ohh was that on?

00:42:17 Dr Craig

That was on.

00:42:18 Dr Craig

OK. Anyways, that's Jerry. Judy.

00:42:24 Dr Craig

And yeah, do you have any thoughts? Yeah.

00:42:27 Lord Taylor

Don't do it, Judy.

00:42:28 Lord Taylor

I'm. I'm definitely gonna go and watch it because I was looking at a couple of well, the thing that you sent me and.

00:42:38 Lord Taylor

It was Co created by Jean Stepniewski and Lee Eisenberg, and people might remember those names from. I think they were show runners on seasons 5-6 and seven of the American office. So yeah.

00:42:52 Dr Craig

Yes. So it's got good talent behind it.

00:42:57 Dr Craig

Yep. So you might want to cheque it out yourself.

00:43:00 Lord Taylor

Yeah, go on. Just cheque it out.

00:43:04 Dr Craig

Coming up next, though, on media mothership, we'll be further permutations around various creative practises. We'll continue with some AI work where however in coming weeks going to be embarking upon.

00:43:20 Dr Craig

Bringing virtual wealths into yeah, media mothership by, you know, looking across a number of ways in which.

00:43:23 Lord Taylor

Worlds to life.

00:43:30 Dr Craig

Video games can immerse one in weird ways, so the weird and wonderful world of immersive video game playing my idea is we can set ourselves either some challenges to play video games according to bizarre.

00:43:47 Dr Craig

Requirements one that I think is quite good that I came across in Kotaku.

00:43:52 Dr Craig

Michael was a father who talked about his like 12 year old son who wanted to play Call of Duty but too young.

00:44:00 Dr Craig

And said you can only play it if we sit down beforehand and read the Geneva Convention and then play it according to the Geneva Convention.

00:44:08 Dr Craig

So I think that might be fun to explore the idea of the Geneva Convention in video games. There's been a number of things I've come across in terms of people who have recorded moments in video game history.

00:44:19 Dr Craig

Which have breached Geneva Convention guidelines, so these, of course, are the conventions that govern.

00:44:24 Dr Craig

Conflict, you know, not shooting.

00:44:27 Dr Craig

Soldiers who are surrendering and so forth, so we might do a bit of a dive into that topic, looking at how games as diverse as learnings.

00:44:38 Dr Craig

Mario and Call of Duty are all in breach of Geneva guidelines and then within that, yeah, looking at other ways in which people will play games in unusual ways. A pacifist run of Skyrim.

00:44:53 Dr Craig

UMA, can you play a video game blindfolded like is that possible? Speed runs, of course, are pretty established in terms of people finding glitches within games to keep them completed as quickly as possible.

00:45:08 Lord Taylor

Have you ever watched a two people competing in a Tetris match?

00:45:17 Dr Craig

No, it must be going like crazy fast. I imagine like there.

00:45:20 Lord Taylor

It's it's crazy because when they're playing like the duo, things you need to make it so you're so the blocks come down quicker, the quickest that you can because then you can get more of a multiplier of your opponent sort of thing. And I was looking into it and they use these sort.

00:45:40 Lord Taylor

Like I can't. I don't know. They like, like Nestle, something controllers. And there's they've invented a new way to do it.

00:45:48 Lord Taylor

And so the person that invented it is just like, been winning.

00:45:51 Lord Taylor

All of these.

00:45:51 Lord Taylor

Different things because you need to press it. I think it's seven or eight times a second in order to get this advantage over your opponent.

00:46:00 Lord Taylor

And instead of.

00:46:02 Lord Taylor

Like pressing it physically eight times a second, they move the whole controller by by sort of like stroking the back of it with their four fingers, like like that into their thumb, which then does it.

00:46:17 Dr Craig

Enough. And that's not in breach of tournament guidelines.

00:46:21 Speaker 7

No, no.

00:46:21 Dr Craig

Well, that wow. Yeah, it's interesting, isn't it? I mean, I think that that arms race that can develop around the competitive.

00:46:29 Dr Craig

Game be it.

00:46:33 Dr Craig

Formula One or Tetris I.

00:46:35 Dr Craig

Mean that should be at the.

00:46:36 Dr Craig

Olympic esport. Ohh.

00:46:37 Dr Craig

Yeah, but it does raise questions in terms of guidelines, right? If you're able to use hardware and mod hardware.

00:46:47 Lord Taylor

But it wasn't a modification.

00:46:50 Dr Craig

Of the hardware it was, it's still the official controller, but it's somehow they've been able to.

00:46:51 Lord Taylor

It just there.

00:46:57 Speaker 7

So it's not a.

00:46:58 Dr Craig

Mod so the controllers have seen control.

00:46:58 Lord Taylor

No, it's just it's just their fingers going like little finger, the middle finger in sort of like.

00:47:03 Dr Craig

Right, right.



00:47:06 Dr Craig

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:47:07 Dr Craig

So yeah, I mean and obviously they've been smashing all the competition and at that point, well, you know you, you kind of threatened the whole competitiveness of the game. I mean, who's going to play?

00:47:16 Lord Taylor

Everybody else started doing it like that as well and now so now they're not at the top because other people who are better.

00:47:21 Lord Taylor

Players are.

00:47:21 Lord Taylor

Now at the top.

00:47:22 Dr Craig

This is what happens.

00:47:23 Lord Taylor

But it's quite interesting, like watching a full match through because the full matches go for like an hour and a.

00:47:28 Lord Taylor

Half two hours. 3 hours. Really just playing tech.


Yeah, was.

00:47:32 Dr Craig

Because they basically waiting for someone to.

00:47:34 Dr Craig

Make an error.

00:47:35 Dr Craig

Basically, yeah, so it's a bit like a very long snooker match.

00:47:39 Lord Taylor

Yeah. Wow. Wow.

00:47:41 Lord Taylor

And it's funny because it's like you you see them and it's just like they just give up because it's like it's been 2 hours.

00:47:48 Lord Taylor

I can't be bothered doing this anymore. My hands and then they just leave it and it's like maybe like the 4th, 5th or 6th sort of line and then they just leave it and it just.

00:47:59 Lord Taylor

Stacks up until the end of the game.

00:48:02 Dr Craig

Yeah, a real endurance stamina like that. That once. Yeah, you've got that equal skill level. Then it's just endurance.

00:48:12 Dr Craig

Yeah, it runs a bit of that of the life series I've been watching on SBS, where a friend of mine, I haven't watched the other season, but a friend was saying in season one the person that.

00:48:21 Dr Craig

Planet. This is where people go to.

00:48:24 Dr Craig

A kind of wilderness spot. Left alone, they have 10 things to survive with, and it's an endurance thing. Who can survive the longest.

00:48:26 Lord Taylor

All right. Yeah. Yeah.

00:48:31 Dr Craig

And he was saying in the first season it was just some guy who couldn't find food.

00:48:37 Dr Craig

At a certain point, and then just stayed in his tent and waded it out, waded out the other competitors.

00:48:45 Dr Craig

And so it was.

00:48:46 Dr Craig

Just really a very seems to be very boring. Yeah, he just stayed.

00:48:47 Lord Taylor

They're just hungry.

00:48:50 Dr Craig

Hungry and basically.

00:48:51 Dr Craig

He'd eaten a lot, so we had a lot of fat to waste through as part of the tactic, right? You just weighed it out. And you you you conserve as much energy.

00:48:54 Speaker 4


00:49:02 Dr Craig

Possible and the other?

00:49:03 Lord Taylor

See, I thought that they didn't have a tint.

00:49:06 Dr Craig

No. You make a tent, right? So you you bring tarp like everyone gets a tarp or something.

00:49:07 Speaker 5

All right. OK.

00:49:11 Dr Craig

So then they construct a tent and yeah, she was saying in the first season. Yeah, that's what happened. Right. The one guy that was trying to get food everyday but couldn't.

00:49:11 Lord Taylor

OK. Yeah, yeah.

00:49:22 Dr Craig

Passed to the.

00:49:23 Dr Craig

Guy that just stayed in his tent and yeah, at that point, it's just it's just an idea of who has the most endurance.

00:49:30 Dr Craig

Yeah. So I don't know how viewer friendly it is, as you're saying, is it interesting watching to what hours?

00:49:37 Dr Craig

But yeah, the I.

00:49:37 Dr Craig

Mean the other direction, we might take the video game thing in is to do in world role playing to find out a couple of Mmos.

00:49:45 Dr Craig

I've pitched the idea of going the war correspondent route in some MMO, maybe GTA or something where you know you can go in and people are.

00:49:57 Dr Craig

That kind of role playing it and you say, hey, we're doing some interviews in GTA as journalists and we'd like to know what you're doing and then just see.

00:50:04 Dr Craig

What happens on?


And then.

00:50:09 Dr Craig

On air and then the show will get, yeah.

00:50:10 Lord Taylor

Keep all of it out.

00:50:13 Dr Craig

Yeah, we don't have any time delay here, so alright.

00:50:17 Dr Craig

Well, look, all these ideas and more, we'll post some ideas up. I noticed the video feed is frozen. How long that's been frozen. But yes, this has been media mothership for another.

00:50:28 Dr Craig

Week coming up next we have K.

00:50:30 Lord Taylor

Pop Unlimited with me.

00:50:31 Lord Taylor

And you? Yeah, any, any, any any sort.

00:50:37 Lord Taylor

Of like details.

00:50:38 Lord Taylor

Teasers. We've got some good music coming from hitchhiker, of course. FX and twice maybe stray kids and labrum, but I think.

00:50:51 Lord Taylor

The Best Song I'll be playing is it. It's. I can't read it out, but it's in Russian.

00:50:58 Speaker 4

Ohh really?

00:50:59 Lord Taylor

Yeah, it's not capable either.

00:51:02 Lord Taylor

This is the song I want to play.

00:51:04 Dr Craig

Excellent. Wow. Looking forward. Ohh wow.

00:51:06 Dr Craig

That sounds very random.

00:51:09 Dr Craig

Alright, go video back working so anyway this has been for another week. Keep listening to.

00:51:15 Dr Craig

More great music. Just.

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